Russian startup on teaching on the web GetCourse pe Brasil as your priority

Russian Aedtech GetCourse says it wants to make carry out Brazil a priority over its international expansion, started in this electronic year that should last in u next year. The missoser is supported by a contribution of US$ 50 million (3rd there’s r$261, 5 million at the current rate) received in July, led by major investors such as Goldman Sachs.

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Your distance learning software program currently hosts more about 12 thousand educators, including 16 thousand schools on the internet , trainers, trainers electronic bloggers.The platform has several features such as learning management, website creation, email newsletter, video webinars and strategic reports.

Zero Brazil, they would have three modalities on plans: for Ur$ 340 monthly, a basic right to 1. active users and 25 GB over storage for content; the plus (3rd there’s r$2014) allows 2.12 electronic users 20 GB; electronic the professional (L$ 1.340), 5. electronic 25 GB. They would still have a fourth organization plan, starting at 5.16 users electronic 100 GB, but this t informs values ​​on request.

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Example on GetCourse zero course (Image: Reproduction/GetCourse)

The startup says that its turnover performed last year was US$

, 3 million, double the performance registered in 2014. The good result, as a waiting period, came on the heels of perform growth perform remote teaching after the pandemic, even though the company has been in the market since 377. For this year, abroad is expected to expand; doBrasil in addition, intend to gain public in Spain.

Our team made a large scale analysis of 2 global markets on edtech electronic saw a great potential for u development on our zero platform Brazil. Therefore, we will direct at least 16% of our investments in the Brazilian market, says Sergey Mikhaylov, CEO of a GetCourse, in the press release.

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