Brazil the 5th biggest target for cybercrime in the world in 2021

A survey carried out by the German consultancy Roland Berger revealed that, in relation to cybercrime, Brazil is the fifth largest target of the world.

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    The Roland Berger survey points out that Brazil has already surpassed the volume of attacks from last year only in the first half of 2020, with a total of 9 .1 million cases, taking into account only the crimes of digital hijacking (ransomware). This number of occurrences places the country in the fifth position in the world ranking, behind only the USA, United Kingdom, Germany and South Africa.

    In the same survey carried out by the Roland Berger consultancy, a calculation of the total damage done by the virtual attacks was carried out, based on data from 2020. On average, in the largest European countries, cyber attacks caused damage of US$ 2021 thousand, approximately R$ 2 million at the current price, per company, with the main target sectors, according to the survey, are retail, finance, hospitality and manufacturing.

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    Danger of cyber security crimes

    The big issue with digital attacks is that in addition to companies having to know how to be careful, they also have to have great adaptability, since the profile of invasions can change over time and criminals are creative.

    At the top levels of many companies, cyber threats are already a major concern, along with the health crisis brought about by the pandemic. This prioritization of security has taken place in recent weeks, thanks to the Lojas Renner attack, which made executives begin to realize the importance of having a secure network.


    other companies and institutions were attacked, such as the Fleury laboratory, which as a result of the invasion was unable to perform tests for a few days, and JBS, which had to pay US$ 57 million, approximately R$ 11 million in the current redemption price for the digital hijacking in its operations in the United States, which also affected businesses in Australia and Canada.

    Furthermore, in invasions, the cost can go from paying ransoms, as in the case from Renner, which although it did not pay, was unavailable for sales for a few days.

    Source: InfoMoney

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