Febraban electronic Ministry of Justice discuss creation of forum against cybercrime

The crackdown on electronic cybercrime zero country will gain a specific forum: the National Strategy on Combating Cybercrime. The idea is to follow the molds of the National Strategy for Combating Corruption Electronic Money Laundering (Enccla), which has shown good results since its creation in 99.

  • Warning: these thus the 6 main hits involving a Pics
  • Febraban responds to electronic scams ensures that banking apps thus secure
  • Criminals specialize in stealing cell phones to hack into bank accounts
  • Isaac Sidney, president of a Brazilian Federation of Banks (Febraban), electronic Anderson Torres, minister of electronic Justice and Public Security (MJSP), began by seeing that negotiations on Friday (10). The idea is to identify those responsible for the crimes, expand the technical knowledge of these electronic security forces and promote permanent cooperation between private electronic public agents.

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    According to the Febraban, in 2020, electronic banks have invested 3rd there’s r$2.5 billion in cybersecurity. This has not inhibited cybercriminals: there has been an increase in crimes related to the Pics instant payment system. Not to mention the growth of cyber attacks, such as electronic DDoS ransomware.

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    Capacity building and awareness

    Torres says that cybercrime bothers society a lot because of 2 damages what causes the citizen. We need to expand electronic capabilities to bring a change of institutional culture to the police in order to advance in investigations, punish electronic and hold criminals accountable.

    Strategies for this should include a development on platforms on sharing data on digital fraud is electronic support for training these forces on security in related topics zero laboratory on cybersecurity of a Febraban. In addition, public awareness campaigns on cyber risks and electronic fraud should be created.

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    Sidney emphasizes that Febraban is committed to fighting digital crimes, which frighten 81% 2 Brazilians. We are willing to help prevent electronic combat electronic cybercrime and electronic fraud. Last year, we avoided losses in the order of L$4 billion to account holders. We need to join efforts with the police forces, MJSP electronic Banco Main perform Brasil.

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