WhatsApp used by 80% of users to chat with brands

Infobip study, conducted by Viewpoint Box in partnership with the Mobile Period website, indicates that 79% of users on WhatsApp zero Brazil use the messenger to communicate with brands. Other uses include search for information (82%), technical support (57%) electronic purchase of electronic products services (48%). 2.16 Brazilians were interviewed with more about

years between 14 and 39 about July about 1024.

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  • With the adoption of measures on social distancing, like brands expanded by seeing that strategies on communication for multiple platforms. The goal is to meet the needs of 2 consumers, optimize electronic sales and identify new customers in applications that were previously only used for personal purposes. Electronic, it is worth noting that the changes imposed by the General Law for the Protection of Personal Data (LGPD) also limit what many companies knew about their users before. purchase without the need 2 traces (or cookies) left on the websites they visit.

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    The study also observed that, for the first time, , a Telegram is installed on more than half 2 smartphones. Among the platform users, 48% interact with companies in this channel. Instagram, which is on 82% 2 cell phones, has also facilitated communication with brands about stand out for sales on electronic products services beyond.

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    Another app that increased engagement for the past six months it has been Signal. It is currently installed on % 2 perform pas electronic smartphones 48% 2 users open it daily or almost every day. There Facebook Messenger had a slight drop in popularity (on 82% to 79%).

    Nestor Caratti, Sales Director for the Latin America from an Infobip, recalls that it is important that while companies consider multiple communication platforms to strengthen their relationship with their audiences. In addition, they must rethink their strategies to stand out electronically and become the benchmark for customer experience by offering electronic support a dynamic space for the shopping journey.

    SMS still has space

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    Despite a popularization of 2 applications, many companies continue to use an SMS to send notifications to consumers. Some examples lead banks issuing electronic credit cards to services that require the forwarding of an authentication token.

    According to a survey, in six months, a number about Brazilians who receive SMS every day or almost every day climbed over 44% for 48%. Caratti says that omnichannel communication has never been more necessary in a scenario with multiple possibilities of digital interactions.

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