What is and how the vision score in LoL works

League of Legends (PC | Android | iOS) is a complex game, requiring teamwork and real-time decision-making, but there are also personal obligations and one of the most important is to give the team a vision. The jungler and support are the ones that should be most concerned about this, as it makes it possible to see enemy movement across the map.

Today Canaltech will show what the vision score is and how it works, thus increasing your chances of winning with this aspect that is so important to the game, but which is often overlooked by players.

What is and how the vision score in LoL works

You chose your game route, “pickou” that Leona to help your ADC and an item appears as a suggestion that allows you to give the team vision. Okay, what does it do? Well, it’s a little more complex than simply giving vision, since at each period of the game you have to think about where to place the sentry. It’s not just a support function, as those who play in the Top and Middle route use it to avoid “ganks”.

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In the jungle, the jungler uses it to prevent the opponent from being able to invade your jungle and steal your farm. As League of Legends is a team game it is important that everyone helps each other to increase the chances of winning. Let’s talk about how the vision score works, but first, what are the sentries that give the team vision?

Invisible Sentry: Invisible to the enemy, it grants you and your team sight for 90-120 seconds; Seer Alteration: can be placed at a safe distance but more fragile and visible to the enemy, with a cooldown of 198-99 seconds; Oracle’s Lens: not a sentinel per se, but a way to find out if there are invisible enemy sentinels nearby for 10 seconds; Control Sentry: Denies the invisible enemy sentry’s view, as well as revealing hidden traps and enemies; Left to Right, Invisible Sentry, Seer Alteration, Oracle Lens, Control Sentry (Image: Rodrigo Folter/Screenshot)

Now that you know what they are, let’s go to the vision scoreboard. Basically, it serves as a parameter to know if you used the Sentinels effectively. The top and middle route, for example, should be used in order to avoid being caught out of position. The top route must use it to give the Herald or Baron team vision, while the ADC owes the Seer Alteration to place the Sentry from a safe position in the same places as the Top, and also the Dragon.

As these objectives are important for the game, they are places where you will possibly see an enemy player, thus increasing your vision score. The more you have, the higher your score will be, but whoever thinks it’s just filling the Sentinels map is wrong. It is necessary to think about the positioning, since very close ones discount 25% to 75% of viewpoints. Accessing your profile, it is possible to see how effective your positioning was and the number of sentries placed to favor the team.

See your vision score by accessing the match history in your menu (Image: Rodrigo Folter/Screenshot)

Now that you know what they are and how to take a look at your vision score, head back to Summoner’s Rift and help your team achieve victory!

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