3rd dose of CoronaVac almost triples the potency of antibodies against Delta variant

A third dose of CoronaVac is able to reverse the reduced activity of neutralizing antibodies against the Delta variant of the coronavirus, according to a new study released earlier this week. The news proves the need for a booster dose of the immunizing agent against the new strain, which is even more contagious.

According to the study, no neutralizing activities were found in blood samples taken from people who were vaccinated with the second dose of CoronaVac six months ago. But in people who received the third dose, the antibodies nearly tripled, showing a 2.5% greater neutralizing potency against the Delta variant, about four weeks after application.

Image: Reproduction/Government of São Paulo

The research was carried out with samples from 66 volunteers, with 38 of them vaccinated with two or three doses of the immunizing agent, and the study still needs to go through a peer review. Scientists have not been able to say, so far, how this change in the activity of neutralizing antibodies can impair the effectiveness of CoronaVac in preventing infection with the disease.

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According to Sinovac, maker of the vaccine, around 1.8 billion doses of CoronaVac have already been distributed around the world. In Brazil, the immunizing agent is manufactured in partnership with the Butantan Institute.

Source: Reuters

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