Tesla Cybertruck is postponed once again; this time in over a year

The Tesla Cybertruck is one of the most anticipated electric cars in the world and all this hype has started since its introduction in 2019. But something that also helps to increase this expectation is the constant delays in its launch. This time, it seems, the futuristic pickup will have a definitive launch window to reach the market: late 2022.

According to information from Electrek, the most assertive date for launching Cybertruck was given by Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla. In a conference with its employees, the executive revealed that the company will have to further delay the arrival of the pickup on the market, but it seems to have given a more assertive launch period. In addition, he also hinted at the upcoming “cheap” Tesla, which should cost around $25,000.

Cybertruck’s delayed schedule has its reasons. That’s because Musk wants this product to be, in fact, dystopian, even saying behind the scenes that the pickup could easily be a Matrix movie car. In any case, the engineering team has just finished the structuring and design work, which justifies delaying the schedule by good and long months.

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Anyway, even with this delay, the Tesla Cybertruck will even start to be produced at Gigafactory in Austin, Texas, after the start of production of the new version of the electric SUV Tesla Model Y. The pickup, by the way, already has a buyer in Brazil, which disbursed R$ 950,000 for the top-of-the-line model with three electric motors and a range of 800 kilometers.

In the United States, Tesla Cybertruck is sold for the following prices:

Single engine, rear-wheel drive and 400km range: US$ 39,900 Double engine, all-wheel drive and 480km range: US$ 49,900 Triple engine, all-wheel drive and 800km range: US$ 69,900

Source: Electrek

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