What is Figma?

Figma (Web) is an online tool for vector design of interfaces and prototypes. It stands out for being free, collaborative with changes in real time, and operated through the browser itself, without the need to install new software on your computer.

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The first version of Figma was released in 2015 with the purpose of serving as a platform for collaborative design work. Because it is accessible and allows several people to edit projects in real time, it has become a very useful option for remote work situations: it avoids scenarios such as the loss of a final file or the lack of integration between professionals’ ideas in a group.

figma: how it works

To start working with Figma, you need to create a space for your team. This area will concentrate all the projects carried out and has its own library, in which it is possible to insert color palettes, logos and other graphic elements that are part of the standardization of the work.

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Figma overview (Image: André Magalhães/Screenshot)

To invite people to the team, simply enter their email address and determine the permission level: some people can only view and comment, while others have the freedom to edit. Each file can receive collaboration from up to 500 people, with a limit of 100 members with editing permissions. During project development, you can make real-time changes and enter comments for feedback.

Creations can be made with blank documents or from interfaces with specific models for cell phones and computers. The same file is made available to everyone present in the project, and there is no risk of creating changes in separate files or files that have not been finalized. In this way, Figma is able to exhibit the entire creative process to the entire team in a participatory way.

The file interface is intuitive and editable, with the ability to insert shapes, graphics and media files from your computer. In addition to editing the screens, the app also provides animation effects and access to codes, concentrating demands on the work of designers and developers.

figma: prices

Free version of Figma has unlimited storage (Image: André Magalhães/Screenshot)

Figma is free to use, but has paid versions for professionals and businesses. In the free plan, there is no cloud storage limit for projects, the history of the last 30 days is kept and there is a limit of one team. The “Professional” version, offered for $12 a month for each publisher, allows sharing libraries, unlimited history, and a shareable library across teams. The “Organization” version, offered for US$ 45 per month per publisher, is aimed at companies and brings resources to centralize teams, share sources, create private plugins and other options.

What tools are similar to Figma?

Some competitors with similar functions to Figma are Adobe XD and Sketches. Compared to these platforms, Figma may not have the same feature depth, but it takes advantage of concentrating real-time updates to the same file, with browser sync. In the case of Adobe software, files can be saved in the Creative Cloud, but you need to transfer them for others to collaborate on the project.


Still in beta version, FigJam is a collaborative framework suitable for brainstorming and concentration of ideas. It brings together the same collaborative functionality, such as member invitation and real-time editing, and has freedom for customization. You can load media files from your device, take notes, freehand drawings, and use stickers for marking. This feature is also free.

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