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Due to the pandemic, there was a need to enter video calls with a certain frequency, both for the work meeting and for a conversation with friends at the end of the day. That’s why having a working webcam has become essential on your computer.

So, having a way to test that everything is right before the call, or before starting your live stream on YouTube or Twitch, for example, is essential to avoid delays and other problems. With that in mind, Canaltech prepared this text to help you test your webcam, whether on a Windows computer or on a computer with macOS.

Using a browser

This method works on both operating systems, and uses only the browser. First, open your preferred browser and open the website Click on “Test my cam”.

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(Image: Gustavo de Lima Inacio/Canaltech)

It may ask for permission to access your camera, and if that happens, click “Allow”.

(Image: Gustavo de Lima Inacio/Canaltech)

It will show your camera image and start a progress counter. In a few seconds, all the details about your webcam should appear in a table on the left side of the page.

(Image: Gustavo de Lima Inacio/Canaltech)

Using Windows 10

Click on the Start menu (Windows icon) in the lower left corner of the screen and write “Camera” and open the native system application.

The application, once opened, should start using your webcam and display the image. Take the tests to see if everything is working properly.

Using macOS

On macOS you will need to open the Photo Booth application. You can search for it on Launchpad, either using Spotlight (like the image below), or by going into the Finder, clicking on Apps and then looking for Photo Booth.

(Image: Gustavo de Lima Inacio/Canaltech)

Open the app.

(Image: Gustavo de Lima Inacio/Canaltech)

Once opened, Photo Booth should already start using your webcam and display the image. Run the tests to make sure everything is working.

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