He went to the hospital when he got sick! What came out of his stomach shocked even the doctors! For 4 days…

A 33-year-old person in Kosovo went to the hospital after he fell ill. In the examinations, it was revealed that he had been walking around with a mobile phone in his stomach for days. The patient, who was rushed into surgery, recovered with a successful operation.

Entry Date: 06.09.2021 09:26 Update Date: 06.09.2021 09:30


In Pristina, the capital of Kosovo, a person was rushed to hospital after he fell ill.


It was found that the patient, who was checked for the first time, had a mobile phone in his stomach.

Endoscopy was performed on the patient who was taken into surgery, and the mobile phone was removed from the stomach in 3 pieces.

The doctor who performed the surgery shared photos of his phone and some images of the operation on his social media account.

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