How to Write Fast on Mobile Using Typewise

If you want to learn to type fast on your mobile, the Typewise Keyboard app (Android | iOS) can help you. In addition to having a different look, it promises to help you write 33% faster and have 80% fewer typos.

Its purpose is to improve typing speed, be able to customize the keyboard, and be more assertive when typing. In addition, it is considered the first keyboard project for cell phones, with the shape of a beehive. Typewise can be used in over 40 languages.

The application uses games and missions to make you train typing and agility. There is also a pro version, which makes the application available offline and has more corrections to help with your writing. See how to use:

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How to Use Typewise Keyboard to Write Fast on Mobile

Step 1: After downloading the app, upon opening, click the “Activate” button and you will be redirected to make it your default keyboard. If you want to use it, activate it by sliding the switch next to the Typewise name.

Sets the Typewise keyboard as default to be able to use the app (Image: Guadalupe Carniel/Screenshot)

Step 2: You will return to the app’s home page. Define which type of keyboard you will use, whether the traditional one, but with larger keys, or the beehive-shaped one. It is also possible to change the language in this part.

Choose which keyboard is most comfortable or you want to use (Image: Guadalupe Carniel/Screenshot)

Step 3: With the typing game, you can train your writing and agility. Go to “Play the typing game” on the home page.

Start playing to train your writing speed (Image: Guadalupe Carniel/Screenshot)

Step 4: Just follow the commands that appear on the screen and press the required keys.

During the game, the keys change order (Image: Guadalupe Carniel/Screenshot)

Step 5: You can also access a guide on how to use the app and complete missions on the platform. Enter “Full Tutorial”.

Access the full tutorial for more tips on using Typewise (Image: Guadalupe Carniel/Screenshot)

Step 6: Inside it, you’ll see tips on how to type faster, in addition to fulfilling missions that help you exercise your typing.

Complete the missions and collect points in Typewise (Image: Guadalupe Carniel/Screenshot)

Step 7: As soon as you enter the app, you can check your progress within Typewise.

Track your progress on the app’s home screen (Image: Guadalupe Carniel/Screenshot)

Ready! Now you can start using the Typewise keyboard on your mobile and improve your typing speed on the device.

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