3 tips to personalize your phone with Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher (Android) is an application that changes the home screen and app drawer of Android phone. The Microsoft version is one of the most popular options among launchers, with over 10 million downloads from the Google Play Store.

Among the features of the app, you can use random wallpapers provided by Bing, access a news and activity feed on the home screen, configure the app drawer in different orders, and use your own widgets on the home screen. To make your phone look new, here are three tips on how to use Microsoft Launcher to customize the interface!

1. Customize your feed

Include tasks, schedule and lists in your feed (Image: André Magalhães/Screenshot)

One of the factors that differentiate the Microsoft app from other launchers is the presence of a feed on the home screen, accessed by swiping it to the side. This area is divided into two main tabs: “Overview”, with a summary of activities associated with your Microsoft account, and “News”, with recent issues and separated by themes.

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If you use Microsoft services, the “Overview” tab can be very useful for finding information. Includes whiteboards with your calendar, notes taken by OneNote, To Do to-do lists, shortcuts to frequently used apps, screen time, quick access to documents, and Microsoft Rewards tab. This screen is customizable, keeping only the frames that interest you.

2. Configure gesture commands

Configure gestures to open apps and create shortcuts (Image: André Magalhães/Screenshot)

Microsoft Launcher provides a series of commands performed by gestures on your device’s screen, such as double tap, swipe up or down and perform pinch movements. The application already provides pre-configured commands for some gestures, but there is the possibility of customizing them for different functionalities.

The list of functions includes actions with the interface, opening apps and shortcuts to perform commands within apps. It is possible, for example, to determine a gesture to open a specific Google Drive folder or access WhatsApp quickly. To adjust them, open the application’s settings and select the “Gestures” tab.

3. Change the home screen

Customize the wallpaper and icon layout (Image: André Magalhães/Screenshot)

Launcher’s main function is to modify the home screen, and Microsoft’s application makes a point of providing different customization options. First, you can use Bing wallpapers, with images changed daily and an on-screen shortcut to replace the current photo with just a tap.

From the app settings screen, you can access more features for customization. The app allows you to change the size of icons and fonts, set borders, choose main colors and set blur and transparency levels.

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