Ravi Shastri book stories: ravi shastri writes about virat kohli and his dedication towards team in his new book

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Indian cricket team head coach Ravi Shastri has a new book. The name is ‘Stargazing: Players in my life’… many funny incidents have been told in detail in the book. Some stories from this book have been published in our partner newspaper Times of India.

We have already told you the story of Shastri running after Javed Miandad with a shoe. Now let’s move on to Virat Kohli. Yes! Ravi Bhai did not forget to mention his favorite and the current captain of the team, Kohli, what he wrote about Cheeku, let us tell you further.

Kohli is passionate
According to Shastri, ‘Virat Kohli’s passion makes him different from other cricketers. In the last four decades, I have not seen any Indian player working so hard. His training, diet has changed the atmosphere of the entire dressing room. But this is only a part. Virat also nets with the same dedication. He wants to improve continuously.

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battle between the best to be the best
‘Spends hours on the nets. Stance against a team or bowler, puts all his strength to correct even minor mistakes like backlift. He not only wants to be the best in the team but also wants to be the best among the best in the world. He is now used to fighting. It is good for Kohli as well as the entire team now. In other words, he is restless.

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not afraid to fail
‘He always wants to innovate, who is always looking for new things. Makes new experiments, some pass, some fail. Takes failures as a great lesson. He is always upbeat, some on the field consider it against the culture of cricket, but that is his natural nature. This is what makes him a formidable warrior in front of his opponents on the field.

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