Learn how to use Rave on Windows 10

Rave (Android | iOS | macOS | Windows) is a free application that allows you to create online voice and video chat rooms to watch movies, series and even listen to music as a group. So you can invite your friends to watch movies online with you even from far away.

Ah! And Rave is compatible with various streaming services such as YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Google Drive, among others. That way, if you’re the owner of the room, you’ll just need to connect the service you want to use in Rave to watch with your friends.

During the beginning of the pandemic, Rave became very popular reaching over 10 million downloads from the Google Play Store. But, even today, the application continues to conquer a growing fan base.

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And did you know that you can even use Rave on your Windows 10 computer? It also has its Desktop versions that are very interesting for watching content on larger screens. Want to find out how to use Rave on Windows 10? Check it out in the next lines!

How to use Rave on Windows 10

Step 1: On the official Rave website, click on the “Windows” version. Once that’s done, just double click to install the application on your computer;

Step 2: Then you can login to Rave using your Google, Facebook or Twitter account;

Step 3: On the home page, you will find several public rooms and you can search for the content that people are watching;

Step 4: To start a private room, just click on one of the available streaming service options and log into your account;

Step 5: Once that’s done, you can freely browse that stream to select a title;

Step 6: If you want to watch a series, both you and the other participants can vote and participate in choosing the episodes. Ah! And to invite your friends, just send the “Invitation link” from your room at the beginning of the chat;

Step 7: Finally, just gather your friends and enjoy Rave a lot.

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