How much does it cost to subscribe to Starzplay? Plans, amounts and payment methods

STARZ is a foreign television broadcaster owned by Lionsgate. The subscription channel is responsible for producing and exhibiting several productions that have been well-reviewed both by critics and well-received by the Brazilian public, such as Outlander and American Gods.

In Brazil, several Starz series are distributed in different streams, whether on Amazon Prime Video or even on Netflix; however, the brand also has its own platform for displaying original content: Starzplay, home of hits like The Great and Normal People. Having recently arrived in the country, the service offers two subscription alternatives to better serve Brazilian customers, either through Prime Channels or on the platform itself.

If you’re looking for a streaming subscription and just bumped into Starzplay, it can be a great alternative if you’re looking for award-winning series or have your eye on some original content that’s only distributed by him in Brazil. Thinking about helping you to choose, Canaltech has prepared a guide with prices and payment methods!

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Starzplay’s own platform home page (Image: Screenshot / Canaltech)

Starzplay: Plans and Values

Starzplay has only one plan, which costs R$14.90 per month, but which allows the user a free trial of the platform and catalog for seven days. There is also a way to subscribe to the service through Prime Video, such as a Prime Channel.

If the consumer chooses to extend their Prime Video catalog by subscribing to Starzplay on Prime Channels, there is also the possibility to try the service for free for seven days. The only difference is that by subscribing to streaming in this way, you don’t need to access another platform to consume the available content.

Starzplay on Prime Channels (Image: Screenshot / Canaltech)

Starzplay: Payment Methods

Starzplay offers different payment methods to meet consumer demands. It is possible to pay with credit cards, if the user chooses an alternative with a bank account; however, there is also the possibility to subscribe to the streaming using PayPal.

For those who want to subscribe to Starzplay as an extension of Prime Video, it is not necessary to register a new payment method. When choosing Starzplay as one of the Prime Channels, the payment method ends up being the same one that the consumer registered to use on the Amazon account.

Starzplay: Available Platforms

On phones, Starzplay can be accessed on most devices running Android 5 or later. While Apple devices must be running iOS 12 or later. The service also supports most Android TV devices, notebooks, and computers running an operating system starting with Microsoft Windows 8 and Apple OSX 10.5.7 or later.

Among browsers, you can access the platform through Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

(Image: Playback / Google Play Storew)

The Starzplay app can also be downloaded via the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and Roku Channel Store.

Do you sign Starzplay? Did you opt for Prime Channels or the main platform? Do you like the service catalog? Comment below!

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