Comedy, man! These are the most hilarious animal photos of 2021

Tell the truth: you also love to see pictures of animals, whether domestic, like cats and dogs, as well as creatures that live in nature, right? And when it comes to wildlife, we immediately think of majestic images of powerful, beautiful and menacing animals. However, they can also be in situations as silly as us humans.

Moments of animals at ease (or not) are commonly recorded by nature photographers, who go out into the jungles in order to capture amazing and curious images. But, for our amusement, they end up catching embarrassing and funny situations, which are recognized by an annual photography award called Comedy Wildlife Photo.

The finalists for the 2021 edition of Comedy Wildlife Photo have already been selected, among photos and videos, and are now available for everyone to see. Get ready to have fun with the funniest photos of the year of animals like monkeys, penguins, bears, birds, amphibians, among other creatures. See some of the selected ones:

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1. Good here in the tan

But with a little embarrassment, hihihi (Image: Reproduction/Martina Novotna/Comedy Wildlife Photo)

2. Please fall on your feet!

What is this crowd, huh, buddy? (Image: Reproduction/Roland Kranitz/Comedy Wildlife Photo)

3. Hello! Do you have a minute for the bird’s word?

I promise it’s just a “cheep” (Image: Reproduction/Charlie Page/Comedy Wildlife Photo)

4. uuuuuuuub!

I swim while I sing and I sing while I swim (Image: Reproduction/Philipp Stahr/Comedy Wildlife Photo)

5. What are you looking at, man?

I want to be a giraffe jockey one day, man! (Image: Reproduction/Dirk Jan Steehouwer/Comedy Wildlife Photo)

You can check out the full list of photos at this link — and there are videos too, in this one.

The competition started in 2015 and soon became a worldwide hit among photographers and nature lovers. The contest is free and anyone can send an unusual photo, whether they are a professional or not. The voting for the best photo is released to the public, coming to an end on October 12th and the revelation of the winners taking place on the 22nd of the same month.

You can stay on top of the coming years of competition on the official Comedy Wildlife Photo website.

Source: IFL Science

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