10 tips for you to become a digital entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is a dream and also a taboo for many people. While many people want to achieve financial independence and build a great company, there is also the fear of everything going wrong, especially in financial and operational matters. That’s why digital entrepreneurship is an interesting alternative for many people.

The technology allows us to plan, manage and even run an entire small business with just a computer connected to the internet, which guarantees low investment and process control. We’ve already talked at Canaltech about solopreneurs, who are the owners and sole employees of their legal entities and manage to play everything online. They can be photographers, designers, artists, sellers and many others. But of course, it is possible to have a team and even desirable, especially if the project progresses and needs the reinforcement of more professionals.

To give more security to those who think about being a digital entrepreneur, we have gathered below some of the most important tips for you to start your business and, who knows, make your dream come true in the medium or even short term.

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First of all, plan the business very well

Define how your business and your niche of activity will be after conducting an in-depth market research, to find out, above all, if there is an audience for the enterprise. Get to know your potential competitors, look for a difference in relation to them and draw up a business plan that is scalable, that is, one that grows without the need to increase expenses in the same proportion. Create a good minimum viable product to start selling.

Assess the circumstances, measure upfront costs, and create a schedule about each step of the business. Look for suppliers, forecast potential profits and losses, and put them on the spreadsheet to anticipate potential problems. If you find it necessary, hire an accountant to help you or find out about the free courses and materials provided by the Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service (Sebrae).

Regularize the business

Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of even opening a CNPJ to start working. An irregular company or individual microentrepreneur (MEI) can attract many problems, such as not getting credit to buy materials and pay suppliers. Outside the whole tax issue and cause distrust in the public. Get information from agencies and entities such as the Federal Revenue Service and Sebrae to find out how to open a business in a simple manner that is consistent with your market.

Constantly update yourself on the market

New companies appear every day that can become your competitors or even make your commercial niche obsolete. On another front, technological innovations, news and services may appear as opportunities to make your business cheaper or better. So, stay on top of the news in the digital market and learn from them. Follow websites, social networks and influencers that are in tune with your business or your audience.

Work your digital marketing and social media well

Know how to use social networks to your advantage, creating profiles on platforms that have to do with your service or product. Want to show photos of the merchandise? Use Instagram well. Is your audience more mature and prioritizes debates? Try Facebook or Twitter. Or is it younger? It’s worth creating content on Snapchat, Instagram Stories or TikTok. If the cashier allows it, increase your online presence with a good official website for the company, well designed and programmed; if not, use marketplaces and free management tools such as Magazine Luiza, Elo7, WhatsApp Business, Marketup and others, which receive percentages on each sale. Finally, create digital ads that sell your product well on platforms like Google Ads, Facebook Ads and others.

Get inspired by other entrepreneurs

In addition to paying attention to what your competitors are doing, get inspired by other successful digital entrepreneurs and exchange experiences with them. You can even ask them to be your mentors. Just beware: it is not to copy exactly the same ideas and products of rivals, so as not to convey the image of dishonest or unoriginal. The objective here is to draw lessons from the experiences of others and learn how you could achieve similar results in your company with strategies and merits of your own.

exchange your experiences

Make webinars and produce videos on YouTube, all with free access, to engage your audience and better expose the quality of your product. It’s also worth participating in events in your industry to see and be seen, that is, talking to entrepreneurs who are open to exchanging experiences. Again there will be a lot of learning and expansion of your horizons as an entrepreneur.

Plan the customer journey

A sales funnel is a simulation of the buyer’s entire journey, from the moment he gets to know your business until the checkout. It is an important tool to understand where he can give up on the purchase, what he can buy more, in which channels he can see and buy the products, how is this communication, etc. The idea here is to solve problems, improve the audience’s experience and even expand the capture of leads (potential customers).

Test everything that involves the business

Ask your friends to buy, visualize or simulate purchases of your products and services, and ask if everything went well. Also test digital ads, all service channels, the quality of the product itself. After testing, write down the strengths and weaknesses, and how everything can get better. With every new input — a new product, a new ad, a new Facebook page or post, and so on. — test everything again.

take good care of relationships

Speaking of customer service, an entrepreneur needs not only to be aware of the needs and pains of their audience, but also of their suppliers, companies and professional service providers, etc. So, invest in good relationships with all of them, listen a lot and try to improve with feedback to better pave your professional path; after all, kindness begets kindness. With the public, don’t neglect all of your service channels disclosed by you (phone, email, WhatsApp, social networks, etc.)

persist but be malleable

The start of any business is always difficult, and even because of the ease of creating a digital venture, competition is equally fierce. So be sure to believe in your potential if you’ve followed all the tips above. Of course, if the returns are much lower than expected, or the cash on hand starts to wane, it might be worth rethinking and recreating the business plan. The important thing is to be aware of everything around you and not stop working if growth opportunities remain in sight.

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