ttfi questions manika batra: ttfi questions manika batra’s timing of bringing up serious against national coach: ‘Why Manik Batra kept silent for 5 months? What was it that was stopping them from doing this?


Manika was issued a show cause notice for indiscipline
The Table Tennis Federation of India (TTFI) has questioned the timing of allegations against star player Manika Batra’s national coach Soumyadeep Roy of trying to influence her to lose her Olympic qualification tournament bout in March this year.

TTFI says that why Manika remained silent on the matter for five months and made these allegations after show cause notice due to indiscipline. Manika created history by becoming the first Indian table tennis player to reach the third round at the Tokyo Olympics. But she had to face defeat at the hands of Austria’s Sofia Polkanova there.

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The controversy started when Manika refused to seek national coach Roy’s help during a singles match in Tokyo after her personal coach Samay Paranjpe was denied permission. On her return from Tokyo, TTFI issued a show cause notice to Manika on charges of indiscipline.

TTFI general secretary Arun Banerjee said that when Manika’s coach Paranjpe was not allowed, there was no way for him to guide Manika. Banerjee said national coach Roy has been asked to respond to Manika’s allegations and he will send his reply by Monday.

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The Secretary General said that the TTFI has always looked after the interests of the players, so when Manika asked for permission to take her coach Paranjpe along to Tokyo, we did so immediately. “If a player feels that he can do better by being with his personal coach then why should we bother,” Banerjee said. He questioned Manika’s logic of keeping quiet for five months.

Banerjee said, ‘Why did she keep quiet for so long? He leveled the allegations when we sent him a show cause notice for indiscipline. Why didn’t Manika tell this to us in March? What was stopping them from doing so?’

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