The 10 most watched movies of the week (09/04/2021)

The release of the Spider-Man: No Return Home trailer was the big event of the past few days and got everyone excited about the hero’s new movie. Proof of this is that it only took Sony to release the video for all the character’s films to be included in our list of most-watched films of the week. And there are still people who doubt the strength and popularity of the Wall Climber.

Part of that excitement and interest in the entire Spider-Man franchise is the fact that the trailer pretty much confirmed the rumors that we’re going to have the other incarnations of the hero coming from other corners of the multiverse and getting together. So, nothing better than reviewing each of the films to get ready for this event.

But not only Spider-Man is made our ranking, which also has the strength of Space Jam and an unexpected debut.

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It is worth noting that there is still no official tool to measure movie audiences in streaming and video-on-demand services and that the best way to do this measurement is from JustWatch, a platform that helps users find what they need. watch and also what streaming content is available.

So, based on these data, we arrived at an approximate ranking of which were the most watched movies in Brazil this week.

10. Spider-Man: Back Home

The first Spider-Man film within Marvel’s Cinematic Universe (MCU) is also a beautiful tribute to 1980s teenage movies, such as the classic Curtindo a Vida Adoidado. With a very collegiate vibe, the film presented a new version of the whole little world around Peter Parker, including a completely rejuvenated Aunt May and a Mary Jane very different from the one we know in the comics.

And all these changes worked really well, giving the story a new lease of life. Wasting no time in telling how the hero gained his powers, he stands out mainly because of his villain. The Vulture may not be the most popular Spider enemy in the comics, but it worked very well within the MCU and proved to be an incredible threat to the hero.

Spider-Man: Back Home is available on Netflix, Paramount+, Telecine, Globoplay and Starzplay. For those who prefer to rent or buy, you can find it on Claro Video, Now, Oi Play, Google Play, Microsoft Store and iTunes.

9. Spider-Man 3

The latest film in the trilogy starring Tobey Maguire is the least beloved of the hero’s first incarnation, but it also has its charm. Spider-Man 3 revolves around the symbiote’s arrival on earth, with Peter Parker taking on the black uniform and suffering the consequences of this on his personality. In parallel, we see more about other villains, such as the Sandman and the Hobgoblin.

This excess of enemies makes things a bit like racing, it’s true, but it’s interesting to see the symbiont and Venom’s first appearance quite different from the version we currently have in the movies.

Spider-Man 3 is available on HBO Max and also for rental and purchase on Oi Play, Google Play, Claro Video, Microsoft Store, Looke and iTunes.

8. Spider-Man 2

For many, Spider-Man 2 is still the best hero movie to date. He very well develops the idea that “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibilities”, presents a great evolution in the personality of Peter Parker, a memorable villain — which has already been confirmed in No Return Home — and some scenes that translate very well the because of the nickname Amigao da Neighborhood.

Spider-Man 2 is available on Netflix, Telecine and Globoplay and for rent and purchase on Now, Google Play, Claro Video, Microsoft Store, Looke and iTunes.

7. The Spectacular Spider-Man 2: The Threat of Electro

The Spectacular Spider-Man 2: The Threat of Electro is one of the movies that should converge on No Return Home, as rumors suggest that the villain Electro will be in the new feature. And although the story has a somewhat childish tone, it still manages to be impactful enough to recreate one of the most memorable events in Spider-Man stories.

Furthermore, even with all the criticism, the film is still well remembered mainly because the actor Andrew Garfield is great at playing Neighborhood Buddy, giving all the irreverence that the character needs. You can clearly see that he’s having fun with it all — too bad the script doesn’t help that much.

The Spectacular Spider-Man 2: The Electro Menace is available on Netflix and for rental or purchase on Now, Claro Video, Microsoft Store, Looke and iTunes.

6. The Witcher: Legend of the Wolf

Although Vesemir is a very witty character, he is far from being a medieval Spider-Man. Legend of the Wolf is actually an animated spin-off that expands the universe of The Witcher series by introducing a new protagonist.

More than a good story, the plot draws attention for developing this new hero very well and also the very universe of magic and palace conspiracies – all without giving up great action scenes. It’s a great way to get ready for the upcoming episodes of the show in December.

The Witcher: Legend of the Wolf is exclusive to Netflix.

5. The Spectacular Spider-Man

Andrew Garfield’s debut as Spider-Man is really a lot of fun. By bringing in Peter Parker younger and cooler than the nerdy version of Tobey Maguire, he gave the hero a new lease of life and managed to do very well in the more talkative and sarcastic style we knew from the comics.

The villain Lagarto may not be memorable at all, but many people believe he will be present in Sem Volta para Casa, which is already another reason to see The Spectacular Spider-Man. Not to mention that Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy makes play count.

The Spectacular Spider-Man is available on HBO Max and for rental and purchase on Oi Play, Google Play, Claro Video, Looke, iTunes and the Microsoft Store.

4. Spider-Man: Away from Home

Spider-Man’s latest movie is also the one that gives the cue for No Return Home. In it, we see Peter Parker going on a school trip to Europe after the Avengers saved the world from Thanos’s blip. It had everything to be a peaceful vacation, until someone showed up claiming to be a multiverse traveler and wanting his help.

The interesting thing about the movie is that it gives enormous weight to Iron Man’s death and how it affects Peter, who saw Tony Stark as a father figure — and that’s all worked well to develop the character.

Spider-Man: Away From Home is available on Prime Video and for rental and purchase on Now, Google Play, Claro Video, Microsoft Store, iTunes and Looke.

3. Space Jam: A New Legacy

The sequel to the classic Michael Jordan and Bugs movie hit theaters after more than 20 years and shows that the idea of ​​putting cartoons alongside basketball stars still works very well. In A New Legacy, we follow LeBron James going to the world of Looney Tunes to save his son, having to defeat a dangerous algorithm to do so.

In addition to making several references to the original feature and updating a lot of the concept, the film also plays with dozens of other Warner franchises, which makes it a huge salad of references — something we always love to follow.

Space Jam: A New Legacy is available on HBO Max and also for rental on Now, Looke, iTunes, Google Play and the Microsoft Store.

2. Spider-Man

Spider-Man’s first film is a landmark in cinema for having once opened the door for comic book adaptations. Not afraid to recreate the colorful uniform of the comic books, we saw a character very similar to the one we knew from the comics and who exploited one of the most iconic villains in the comics: the Green Goblin.

Despite several conceptual changes — such as the fact that Parker does not use a web launcher, but produces them in his own body —, it is a very faithful film that translates very well the spirit of the character, especially in “With great powers, come great responsibilities”.

Spider-Man is available on Netflix, Telecine, Globoplay and for purchase and rental on Claro Vídeo, Now, Oi Play, Google Play, Microsoft Store, iTunes and Looke.

1. Spider-Man on the Spiderverse

Of all these films, we can say with some peace of mind that Spider-Man in the Aranhaverse is largely responsible for the mess in the multiverse that we will see in Sem Volta para Casa. That’s because the animation that put several versions of the hero side by side worked so well and was so successful that it was obvious that they were going to reproduce the formula on the MCU.

The story here is very simple: Miles Morales is bitten by a radioactive spider and develops the powers of Spider-Man and, from that, he will have to work together with a tired and veteran Peter Parker, as well as other versions coming from other realities—including a pig—to prevent the end of the world. And all of this is beautifully packaged in sharp humor, an amazing soundtrack and an innovative animation style.

Spider-Man no Aranhaverso is available on Telecine and for rental and purchase on Now, Google Play, Claro Video, Microsoft Store, iTunes and Looke.

Source: JustWatch

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