rohit sharma out in short ball: rohit sharma departs again on a short ball pull shot goes wrong in oval test after first overseas century: greed

Rohit Sharma was in full swing in the Oval Test against England. He also completed his first century in a banging style with a six on foreign soil, but eventually his strength became a weakness. Lost a bit of control and got caught in the trap of English bowlers. VVS Laxman had described Rohit as a natural puller and today he lost his wicket in the affair of the bridge.

What did Lakshmana say?
VVS Laxman had said about Rohit Sharma that he is a natural puller. Because of this, as soon as the short ball arrives, he is unable to control himself and the shots are played. Laxman had said that the bowling team would bowl a short pitch to such a batsman and would assume that he would definitely play a pull or hook on that ball.

Rohit Sharma hit his first Test century abroad, completed his century for the third time with a six
Rohit caught in short ball again
Because of this, Rohit attacks on seeing the short pitch ball. Laxman’s advice was that Rohit should control his powerful and natural shot to save himself from getting caught in this trap. Rohit was set at the Oval today. Had scored a century and was taking India to strength. England took the new ball. And he expected wickets from it which he got and that too in the form of Rohit Sharma. Rohit was not out of swing on the new ball and neither did the seam get him out. He got out on a short pitch ball.

Couldn’t stop myself from greed
A ball that was not short enough to be played on to pull. But he could not control himself. Sometimes your strength goes against you. Steve Waugh and Ricky Ponting’s team used to bowl on the strength of the batsman, they knew that the batsman would definitely play the shot here and the most chances of getting a batsman out only when he played the ball. Rohit was dismissed after playing a brilliant innings, but he opened the middle order struggling with form in front of the new ball.

First Test century abroad will be memorable
Rohit displayed strong defensive technique throughout the series, but also displayed his aggression and smashed a high six off Moeen Ali to reach his eighth Test century. Captain Virat Kohli appeared happy to punch with his fists closed and he had a smile on his face, which was also visible on coach Ravi Shastri’s face. It took eight years and 43 Test matches for Rohit to score a century abroad. Even if he scored a century abroad, it would be the most memorable of his eight hundreds in difficult conditions in England, for which he played 204 balls, which included 12 fours and a six.

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