How to save mobile data on Instagram

Social networks have more and more videos, right? On Instagram (Android | iOS), for example, nowadays we have Stories, Reels, Lives and also videos. So there’s a lot of creative video content being produced there. I end up spending hours watching myself!

However, videos also end up consuming more internet data when we’re not on a Wi-Fi network, right? So, checking the stories or moving down the timeline a bit can consume a lot of mobile data.

So today I came to give you this tip: did you know that you can activate the “Mobile Data Saving” option on Instagram? This is a native feature that optimizes the quality of photos and videos to save your data.

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Want to find out how to do this on the Instagram app? Learn in the next lines!

How to save mobile data on Instagram

Before starting, remember that this feature is available for Android and iOS devices.

Step 1: there on your profile page, tap on the “Menu” icon to access more options;

Step 2: Then tap “Settings”;

Step 3: done that, tap on “Account”;

Step 4: from there, just access the “Data Usage” category;

Step 5: Finally, on this page check the option “Use less mobile data”.

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