Course teaches you the basics for creating and selling NFTs

The market for digital assets that use blockchain to make them unique properties (so-called NFTs, or non-fungible tokens) remains on the rise, but it is common for artists who see the sale of these digital collectibles as an income opportunity not to know where to start to be able to sell them.

It is with this audience in mind that the I Hate Flash collective has open enrollment for the course “NFTs: Production, Disclosure and Sales”, with four online classes during the month of September with teacher and 3D designer Mariana Falcão.

According to Clarissa Ribeiro, director of I Hate Flash and responsible for organizing the classes of the course, the collective’s objective is that the registered person already leaves the lectures qualified to start selling their art. For this, the workshop will feature a mix of theoretical and practical moments.

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The course will also feature the presence of important artists from the national scene, in addition to enabling those enrolled to establish a network for the exchange of knowledge and knowledge.

The course classes

Students of the course will be able to learn to sell NFTs like Bode Gaiato (Image: Reproduction/Reproduction/Bode Gaiato)

The course will be taught in 4 weekly classes from September 15th, with one class per week until the end:

Class 1 (09/15) – Presentation of the concepts that permeate NFT, such as what blockchain and cryptocurrency are and how they work in practice, as well as the main NFT marketplaces, both in ETH and XTZ, taking the opportunity to address the controversies about energy cost. Class 2 (22/09) – Students take ready-made artwork and I Hate Flash instructors will guide a practical class through the Hic Et Nunc platform, explaining all the terminology and processes for pricing and dissemination. Class 3 (09/29) – Deepening in the NFT market. Topics will be discussed such as: the possibility of expanding creation tools and developing new digital languages; innovations and intersections of selling NFT with selling physical products; future perspectives; and exposures and applicability in metaverses. Class 4 (06/10)- Conversation with artists from different areas, presenting personal experiences and projects in which students can see how it is possible, through the NFT, to get motivated and develop their own style, in addition to generating income.

Tickets for the four classes cost R$130 and can be purchased on the Sympla website, with options for payment by bank slip and payment in installments (with interest) on your credit card.

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