Why doesn’t the iPad come with a native calculator?

If you have an iPad, you may have noticed that the device does not have, by default on iPadOS, a simple calculator app built into its system. And this is nothing new, from recent updates or from the latest models released: this goes back to the launch of the first iPad in 2010. Do you know why?

A month before the world’s first iPad was unveiled at the September 2010 WWDC, Steve Jobs was in his office exploring the features of Apple’s unreleased tablet when he noticed that the calculator app was an identical copy of the iPhone app. , however, in an enlarged size as much as possible so that it could cover the entire iPad screen.

Jobs then called Scott Forstall — the software engineer responsible for developing the first generation of the iPad — and asked how the new design of the tablet’s calculator app was going. Fostall replied that there was no new design in the works, and that the iPad would be released with that version of the calculator.

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The iOS calculator, native to the iPhone. Screenshot: Lucas Wetten (Canaltech)

Jobs didn’t like the answer at all and ordered the calculator immediately removed from the tablet for its launch, simply because its design was not at the level of perfectionism and extravagance that Steve Jobs employed for everything that validated in his company.

More than a decade later, with a slew of new models and different versions of the Apple tablet being released year after year, the iPad remains without a calculator built into its system. Why?

Recently, in an interview with MKBHD radio, Craig Federighi, current senior vice president of software development, responded to this and said basically the same thing Steve Jobs would have said in 2010: Apple simply hasn’t yet developed a software application. calculator that is spectacular both in its appearance and in technical terms, and prefers, following the same vision of Jobs in 2010, to launch new iPad models without a native calculator on iPadOS.

Even the latest iPad model released still doesn’t have a built-in calculator on its system. Screenshot: Lucas Wetten (Canaltech)

Interestingly, Apple doesn’t really seem to be focused on developing a calculator app for the foreseeable future, which indicates that the iPad probably isn’t likely to get a calculator on its system anytime soon.

However, in case you need it, you can find apps in the iPadOS App Store that, while apparently not having the same demanding design standards as those of the apple company, can fill the need for a calculator on your tablet.

The iPadOS AppStore provides a number of options to meet the need for a calculator on the tablet. Screenshot: Lucas Wetten (Canaltech)

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