Otaviano Costa will present a shopstreaming show

The pandemic of the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) intensified the culture of live. At the same time, it boosted e-commerce: data from the MCC-ENET index, developed by the Metrics Committee of the Brazilian Chamber of Digital Economy (camara-e.net) in partnership with Neotrust | Buy & Trust Movement, point out that the accumulated growth for the year was 73.88%.

Until some stores, like Magalu and Americanas, combined the two. The concept, known as shopstreaming or live commerce, is already successful in China and has spread around the world: sellers present the products live and the customer can buy them online during the live. Thus, the consumer journey is stimulated.

To take advantage of the movement, Otaviano Costa, presenter and partner at the Family agency, joined Fernando Figueiredo’s Bullet agency and RocketBank and created Pode Live Shop. It will function as a virtual shopping center that will have sales lives of the most varied companies allied to entertainment.

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With an investment of R$ 800 thousand reais, the business wants to attract companies from various fields. According to the agency, the format, which can range from games to shows, is designed “according to the type of business of each brand”. Broadcasts should start in September on the brand’s website.

Some startups, such as Loopi and Mimo, operate in the segment, which had estimated global revenues of US$ 129 billion in 2020 (111% more than in 2019, according to iiMedia consultancy). Costa emphasizes that the idea is the evolution of the lives business model. “We will attract, entertain the audience and sell, all on a single platform, with payment options, advantages and interaction with the audience of each brand.”

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