pitch invader jarvo 69: video pitch invader jarvo 69 enters the ground again collides with jonny Bairstow: VIDEO: jarvo is not deterred from antics, runs on the field, hits Bairstow

In the ongoing Test series between India and England, a pitch invader repeatedly enters the field. After Lord’s, Headingley, this defiant was also seen running on the ground on the second day at the Oval. As a result the game had to be stopped for some time. This English citizen, who calls his name ‘Jarvo 69’, is a fan of the Indian team.

hit Bairstow
On the second day of the fourth Test on Friday, when he came running on the field, he deliberately pushed the English batsman. The matter pertains to the 34th over of England’s first innings. Then Umesh Yadav was completing his over. Ollie Pope and Jonny Bairstow were present on the wicket. Fans on social media are saying that this time he wanted to be a part of Indian bowling. The security guards hurriedly kicked him out of the ground.

Was telling himself a member of Team India
Wearing the Indian team jersey at Lord’s, he wanted to field when he entered the field. When the security guards stopped him, he started telling himself a member of the Indian cricket team. Seeing Jarvoo’s action, Mohammad Siraj and the rest of the players could not stop laughing. Then in the Leeds Test, his intention was to enter the field as a batsman. That’s when Rohit Sharma got out, wearing a helmet and mask, entered the field.

YouTube is Jarvoo, banned in Leeds
The name of this pitch eventer is Daniel Jarvis aka ‘Jarvo69’, whose main aim is to make media headlines with his antics and to promote himself freely. However, this insolence is costing him too. Yorkshire County Cricket Club banned him from entering the Leeds ground for life. Also fine was imposed.

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