“Cheap” Tesla must be autonomous and come without a steering wheel

Elon Musk does seem willing to launch a cheaper and more affordable Tesla — so far, no surprise. The novelty, however, is that the car, scheduled to be launched in 2023, would be 100% autonomous and would already leave the factory without a steering wheel. This information was obtained after an internal meeting of the automaker this week and which had the participation of its chief executive.

Internally called “Model 2”, the car would be equipped with Tesla’s new battery pack, which would substantially reduce its production costs, around 50%. The car would be manufactured at GigaFactory in Shanghai, China, which would further help reduce the price and facilitate the entire logistics cycle, as the brand’s idea is to export it all over the world from there.

Musk’s desire is that, in addition to being cheap, this car will be equipped with a level 5 autonomous driving package, even considering the removal of the steering wheel and pedals. To do that, of course, Tesla will have to improve — a lot — its own system, AutoPilot, which works in accordance with Tesla Vision, the brand’s proprietary monitoring feature that uses only cameras. Currently, this technological apparatus is in beta phase.

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(Inage: Reproduction / Electrek)

In addition, the Chinese press works with the year 2023 as Musk’s goal for the launch of this car. Other rumors, however, were that it would be released this year, but in a more “standard” version, that is, with steering wheel and pedals. The portal Sina Motors, for example, went so far as to say that Tesla has already completed the development of the entry-level model, precisely in the range of US$ 25,000.

Speaking of the car itself, it should be smaller than the Model 3, having a hatchback-style body, with lower power, torque and autonomy than the compact, which is Tesla’s best-selling in the world. The question is whether Tesla will even manage, in such a short time, to offer an autonomous car before other companies that seem to have more advanced designs and another detail: directly to the public.

It’s wait and see.

Source: Electrek

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