virat kohli sad face: When the screws were to be tightened, then Kohli was looking helpless, otherwise the match would have been in the fist

After two days of play, the Oval Test may look level, but the fact is that India missed a great opportunity. The chance on which Team India could dance to victory. Could have caught the British with both hands. Captain Kohli also knows what his team has lost. God forbid this mistake of Indian bowlers should not be overshadowed by the entire team.

mistake on mistake

If you have seen the match, then you must have understood which point of the match we are talking about. The English team, having lost five wickets for 62, loses the sixth wicket for 151 runs. The first mistake happened here. Then there was another partnership on the field. When the next wicket fell, 151 runs had been scored on the scoreboard. Then Moeen Ali stood, he took the score to 222. Now it seemed that the Indian bowlers would soon wrap up the English innings, but here the third and biggest mistake happened.

initially seemed enthusiastic

Coming at number eight, Chris Woakes started batting quickly. Hit every bowler with the new ball. Shot wherever he wanted in the field. Out of his 50, 44 runs came off only 11 fours. During this, Captain Kohli looked completely helpless, his every bet was going backfire. Neither the bowlers were looking effective nor the fielders were getting along.

Then there was pressure on the face

Kohli did not like to blow fours and sixes of the tail batsmen. Chris Woakes was getting a lot of luck too. Sometimes the ball would cross the boundary over the slips and sometimes it would fall in a place where there was no fielder. During this, both pressure and annoyance could be clearly seen on Virat’s face.

Here the lead was increasing, there Kohli’s tension

Now it was 77 overs. 255 runs had also climbed on the scoreboard for the loss of eight wickets. England’s lead was 64 runs. But Chris Woakes’ smoky game continued. Then Bumrah got a pain in his leg. Physio came to the field. It was like sprinkling salt on the wounds of Team India. As the ninth wicket fell, Kohli took the new ball. Despite this, the problems did not subside. Woakes was hitting fours on fours. Eventually he was run out. England’s first innings reached 290 runs. The British now had a crucial and decisive lead of 99 runs.

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