Android apps running on Xbox? Evidence suggests this will be possible.

One of the most anticipated features for Windows 11 is the operating system’s compatibility with Android apps — even better: the ability to download smartphone apps straight from the Microsoft Store. However, this functionality will be for after release, as Microsoft still intends to put it to test in the OS previews.

This week, the feature finally showed signs that it’s under development — and that its debut may not take long. Inside the Microsoft Store, the company has released Windows Subsystem for Android, an app for Win 11 that appears to be an offshoot of the Linux Subsystem for Windows (WSL), but built to run applications aimed at Google’s system.

Minimum application requirements seem to have been filled with standard items (Image: Replay/Microsoft)

Once downloaded, the application does nothing on the computer. Whenever it is opened, the user is faced with a black screen with no interaction possible. The description also doesn’t say much: “Microsoft confidential content — intended for testing — please don’t take screenshots or chat about the content,” the snippet reads. Apparently, in-store availability was just the way Microsoft chose to forward the app to those who should try it out (probably, at this point, only company employees).

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Still, you can extract information from the app’s official page. Hardware recommendations are: Windows version 22000.0 (the debut version of Windows 11), 8GB RAM and x64 or ARM64 processor (no spec). For the recommended components, the only difference is in memory: 16 GB would do better.

Xbox One compatible with Android apps?

Another curiosity of the official page is Xbox One as one of the compatible devices. His inclusion on the list suggests that the company may have the video game as one of the destinations of the Android subsystem — that is, it suggests that the Xbox may, in the future, be an environment compatible with Android apps.

Still, it’s good to regard the console’s name among compatible devices with distrust. As this is an application under testing, whose description also mentions sensitive content, the name “Xbox One” may just be a standard fill-in item. Windows 10 being listed in place of Windows 11 is one of the indications that the card is not 100% reliable.

Microsoft has not given a forecast for launching Android apps on Windows 11, but the operating system will debut on October 5 this year. All that’s left for users is to hope that the tests go well and that the function shows up early in the final version — or you can sign up for Windows Insider to be one of the first to try it out.

Source: Microsoft Store

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