How to watch movies and series offline on Prime Video by mobile

Prime Video (Android l iOS l Web), like Netflix, allows users to watch movies and series offline on their mobile phone. For that, it is necessary to download the productions — a process that is very fast and simple.

Note that the following tutorial was made with an iOS device. On Android phones, however, the step by step is the same. Check out below how to download the titles available on Prime Video and access them later.

How to watch movies and series offline on Prime Video by mobile

Step 1: Access the Prime Video app and enter the information page of the movie or series you want to watch offline;

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Choose any Prime Video production. (Image: Kris Gaiato/Screenshot)

Step 2: Then select the “Download Season” option or use the download buttons to the right of each episode to download them individually. In the case of movies, the download command will be at the top of the page, just below the “Play Movie” button;

In series, you can download entire seasons or single episodes. (Image: Kris Gaiato/Screenshot)

Step 3: Decide if the production will have an additional language and if so, choose one of the displayed options. If you don’t need this, select “No additional language” and click the “Start download” button;

In this step, you can determine the configuration chosen as the default. (Image: Kris Gaiato/Screenshot)

Step 4: Once the process is complete, locate the “Downloads” tab at the bottom of the screen and tap on it. On the next page all productions that are saved on your mobile will be shown. Finally, to watch movies and series offline, just identify them in the list and click on the current content;

All downloaded titles are in the “Downloads” tab. (Image: Kris Gaiato/Screenshot)

Step 5: In case of series, there is an additional folder where you can find the saved episodes. To start playback, click on the “Play” icon located in the lower left corner of the banner.

To watch the content, click on the indicated button. (Image: Kris Gaiato/Screenshot)

Ready! Now you know how to watch movies and series offline on Prime Video on your mobile!

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