12 year old boy stopped in Australia from playing football wearing a tulsi garland, later apologized

Shubh Patel, a resident of Brisbane, Australia, was not allowed to play in a football match just because he was wearing a Tulsi garland. Shubh, 12, was asked to remove the garland, which he refused.

According to the news of Australia Today, the referee asked Shubh to remove the garland but Shubh did not agree to it. He was wearing a garland since the age of five. Talking to the media, Shubh said, ‘Instead of just a football match, I would like to follow my religion.’

Shubh is a member of Toowong Club. He told that it is forbidden to remove the garland in Hinduism. Football’s global body FIFA has banned players from wearing necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, etc., but Tulsi’s garland is not in this list. When the matter came to the media, Football Queensland got the matter investigated and apologized to Shubh’s family.

Football Queensland said that the game of football is very popular in our province and it has given respect to people of all religions and cultures. After this, Shubh was allowed to play wearing a Tulsi garland.

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