Best mobile games of the month of August

The longest month of the year has come and gone, and it’s time to pay tribute to the releases that hit the screens in August delivering fun and exciting experiences for gamers. For those who love playing on the small screens, August was kind and gave players several titles that are worth knowing.

Some stand out for their creativity, fun and addictive gameplay or enchant by the graphic or technical capacity they present, taking the medium further. Get your fingers ready, because Canaltech has prepared a list of the best titles of the month that players are worth knowing and enjoying for hours on end.

10. Old Friends Dog Game

Compatibility: Android, iOS Price: Free (internal purchases optional) Size: about 370MB for Android and 490MB for iOS (version 1.0)

Starting the list, we have a title for casual game lovers, but with a realistic twist added to the mix. In this game it is possible to learn a little about the history of a real sanctuary for elderly dogs in the United States, and as the narrative progresses more of the history of the place and each furry inhabitant is presented to the player.

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It’s interesting how Runaway, the developer behind it, delivered a touching experience through a very complete management game. It is necessary to decorate the environment, collect donations and gain the trust of each animal, with distinct personalities and history that make interaction difficult or easier. A tear or two can roll, so it’s good to have a tissue box nearby.

Based on real facts, this management game features cute animals while giving you the task of keeping them happy (Image: Rodrigo Folter/Screenshot)

09. Kung fu Supreme

Compatibility: Android, iOS Price: Free (internal purchases optional) Size: about 310MB for Android and 370MB for iOS (version 2.0 for Android and 2.1 for iOS)

As a young martial arts apprentice, the player finds himself in the delicate situation of paying a debt to his late master and rebuilding the school. Without much choice, you need to strengthen your body and mind for the journey ahead, in a title that pays homage to oriental martial arts techniques in a woodcut-style look

Mujoy introduces the fighting genre in a different way, unifying it with idle, where the game happens on its own. The passage of time counts as a kind of currency, simulating the experience gained by training and can be exchanged for new techniques. The game’s difficulty is hidden in the choices the player makes and will eventually find an opponent who will require more body or mental control to progress.

Kung fu Supreme is a beautiful fighting game experience mixing idle gaming with automated combat (Image: Rodrigo Folter/Screenshot)

08. Wall of Insanity

Compatibility: Android, iOS Price: R$8.00 for Android and R$16.90 for iOS Size: about 1.2GB for Android and 1.5GB for iOS (version 1.14)

A gloomy house holds a mystery and a police investigation started around it, with the suspicion of kidnapping and using people for rituals and you, a special operations soldier, enter the place to look for the first squad and understand what is going on in this sinister place where all care, and management, is too little.

Going deep into this sea of ​​mystery, hallucinations begin to take over the screen, but that was all before. Psychological terror is fused with ammo management where your combat and flight choices tell you whether you will survive or not. Exploration and decision making is the key to victory, but one question needs to be answered: How far dare you go?

Combining terror with shooting, Wall of Insanity delivers an experience that takes the player out of their comfort zone (Image: Rodrigo Folter/Screenshot)

07. Mech Arena

Compatibility: Android, iOS Price: free (internal purchases optional) Size:

Known as Raid: Shadow Legends, Plarium invites players to pilot powerful robots and enter the competitive world in a fast-paced shooter, pitting you and your teammates against other players in the battle for victory. This is the title for those looking for a fun and fast competitive experience.

The game invites the player to use their creativity and customize the robots, or Mechs, in the way they like best and it is possible to have five different mechs, each with its own customization, and dozens of options for weapons and abilities to enter combat . Not counting the skins, right? What would a competitive game be without showing style.

Mech Arena puts you on board a powerful robot to crush the competition (Image: Rodrigo Folter/Screenshot)

06. Tales of the Mirror

Compatibility: Android, iOS Price: R$10.90 for Android and R$16.90 for iOS Size: about 1.4GB for Android and 1.8GB for iOS (version 1.0)

Like Peh Jun, the player embarks on a visual novel, a very popular style of play in the Orient focused on reading and choice, and needs to unravel a mysterious crime and exonerate a man being accused. The story takes place during the Ming Dynasty and some real locations appear as the background for the narrative to develop.

The player’s main weapons to solve the mystery involve a mirror that reveals the lies and their choices, which lead the game to different outcomes, increasing the replayability value of the work. Tales of the Mirror is a mystery story that tests players’ attention to detail as well as their detective skills in a time fraught with injustice.

Using real historical periods and period visual art, Tales of the Mirror delivers an exciting investigative experience (Image: Rodrigo Folter/Screenshot)

05. My Friend Pedro: Ripe for Revenge

Compatibility: Android, iOS Price: R$ 14.99 for Android and R$ 16.90 for iOS Size: about 140 MB for Android and 210 MB for iOS

My Friend Pedro is based on something that is directly associated with electronic games, fun. I don’t know to what extent this should be the main concern when producing a game, but in this title it is and it works very well. Perhaps that’s why it stands out, as the title of the PC series, in an industry saturated with shooting games.

The game starts with the tackiness of having a banana friend, literally, and needing to help reunite him with his family after their kidnapping and for that a shower of bullets takes over the screen while you perform maneuvers on foot, on a skateboard or motorbike on perfectly built levels for that. Unafraid of embracing the exaggerated side, Ripe for Revenge is one of the highlights of the genre.

My Friend Pedro stands out in a saturated shooter industry with its focus on fun (Image: Rodrigo Folter/Screenshot)

04. New Island

Compatibility: Android, iOS Price: Free Size: about 230 MB for Android and 330 MB for iOS (version 0.5)

Nova Island evokes the feeling of control and competition through a fun and strategic card game, where the player needs to take charge of the scenario in real-time matches against other players around the world and earn upgrades to face more challenging opponents. The title stands out for not having a purchasing system, making the dispute fairer.

So far there are four characters, the Nova Researchers, with specific abilities and cards that can be mixed to create a unique deck, suiting your playing style. Thirteen Games created a captivating universe in their first game and shows the potential of the artists involved. The fact that the game delivers everything it has to offer without purchases is just the icing on the cake.

Nova Island features a card game that doesn’t make you open your wallet for fun and improvement (Image: Rodrigo Folter/Screenshot)

03. Behind the Frame

Compatibility: Android, iOS Price: R$ 27.90 for both platforms (version 1.2) Size: about 610 MB for Android and 2.0 GB for iOS

Is there a place of inspiration better than life? Behind the Frame follows the story of an artist in search of her place in the Sun, but as things happen everything around her becomes familiar in a style of panoramic scenery handcrafted with great attention to detail, becoming an element essential to the narrative.

Silver Lining Studio presents the protagonist’s story, mixing elements of escape games and puzzles in her gameplay with the narrative of a young woman trying to show her worth. Behind the Frame is a title that will reach young people looking for its space, but it also connects with any age group by presenting strong symbols such as memories and the beauty in small things.

Through a set entirely by hand, Behind the Frame delivers a beautiful story about seeking your space in the world (Image: Rodrigo Folter/Screenshot)

02. Tetris Beat

Compatibility: iOS Price: included in Apple Arcade Size: about 720 MB (version 1.0)

Who knew that almost 40 years later we would still be enchanted by Tetris. The classic is one of the pillars of the entire industry and remains firm by adapting to new trends, such as battle royale, and rhythmic games such as Beat, exclusive to Apple Arcade that has numerous songs written for the title.

The game’s proposal is simple, using the famous blocks to the rhythm of the music, but the surprise is how this title managed to put even more pressure on the already frantic title. Tetris, since its inception, broke the stigma of thinking calmly to come up with a strategy and Beat takes it further, with songs that speed up the heartbeat and demand even more speed. 40 years of Tetris, 40 years of breaking the pattern.

40 years later, Tetris Beat maintains the relevant brand with this mix of rhythmic play and strategy (Image: Rodrigo Folter/Screenshot)

01. Marvel Future Revolution

Compatibility: Android, iOS Price: Free (internal purchases optional) Size: about 6.0GB for Androdi and 6.8GB for iOS (version 1.1)

As part of the Omega Troop, it is possible to navigate an extensive open world with several classic characters such as Captain America, Iron Man and Captain Marvel, each with unique powers and great possibility of character customization to strengthen your character and face the threats that are to come.

After the disaster that was Marvel’s Avengers, I was on the edge of waiting for the next video game title that carried the Marvel name and now that it has arrived…consider me very happy. Not just a consistent game, but it looks like an advance in the graphics and processing capabilities of mobile devices that, to fully appreciate it, requires a powerful machine.

Great customization and diverse open world are main hits in the new game from Marvel (Image: Rodrigo Folter/Screenshot)

Do you agree with the list? Comment below, which mobile launches were the best of the month.

Source: Old Friends Game, Plarium, New Island, Silver Lining Studio, Tetris

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