How to add SUS card to iPhone Wallet

The iOS Wallet makes it extremely convenient for the user to store airline tickets, movie or theater tickets, credit or debit cards registered with Apple Pay, lodging in inns or hotels, all in the form of tickets in the app. And there’s more: the SUS card can also be added to your iPhone app.

Through the application Connect SUS, developed by the Federal Government for the population to have quick and easy access to the services of the public health system, you can download your SUS CNS (National Health Card) as a Wallet ticket in your iPhone.

In addition to your main information — such as name, CPF, age, date of birth and CNS number — the digital version of the SUS card also has a QR Code, so it can be scanned by professionals at health posts or medical clinics, and obtain access to all information regarding your registration in the public health system.

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Find out below how to add your SUS card to your iPhone Wallet:

Step 1: Enter your iPhone’s App Store and download the Connect SUS app.

Download the Connect SUS app from the App Store. Screenshot: Lucas Wetten (Canaltech)

Step 2: Click on “Enter” to login from your CPF, or create a new account, if you are not registered in any service on the portal.

Enter your account from your CPF. Screenshot: Lucas Wetten (Canaltech)

Step 3: Once you are properly logged into the app, click on the orange card icon, located in the lower right corner of the screen.

Click on an orange card icon. Screenshot: Lucas Wetten (Canaltech)

Step 4: Your SUS card will open with your information. At the top right of the screen, click on the card icon, on the left side of the share icon.

Click on the card icon at the top right of the screen. Screenshot: Lucas Wetten (Canaltech)

Step 5: Your SUS card will now open in Wallet ticket display format. At the top right of the screen, click “Add”.

Click on “Add” at the top right of the screen. Screenshot: Lucas Wetten (Canaltech)

Step 6: With the card properly added, click “OK” at the top left of the screen.

Click on “OK” at the top left of the screen. Screenshot: Lucas Wetten (Canaltech)

Step 7: And that’s it, your SUS card will be available as a ticket from your iPhone Wallet.

Locate the SUS card in iOS Wallet. Screenshot: Lucas Wetten (Canaltech)

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