wasim akram instagram profile: former pakistani cricketer wasim akram known for his stylish looks goes bald

New Delhi
The stormy bowler of his era, Wasim Akmar is known for his brilliant personality. Despite retiring from cricket, the fitness of this Pakistani pacer is made on sight. But such a picture of this 55-year-old former cricketer from Lahore is going viral on the internet, which you will not believe in your eyes.

This photo has been posted by none other than Wasim Akram himself from his Instagram ID. His fans have been badly surprised by clicking the photo after getting ‘bald look’. It has become a matter of discussion among the people that how Wasim Bhai suddenly became so old and bald.

Along with the photo, he wrote the caption, ‘After being in quarantine for 12 days, I finally got my razor. By the way, a closer look shows that this photo is edited. With the help of an app, he has changed his look.

When Wasim used to run to throw the ball from the bowling line, the world of his wavy swirls was crazy. His popularity among women continues in the same fashion even today. Considered the Sultan of reverse swing, Wasim Akram has taken 916 international wickets for Pakistan.

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