Discover 3 different models of wireless chargers

Charging your cell phone without the need for wires can be very practical, right? After all, cables need a lot of care to avoid problems such as “bad contact”, for example. In this sense, one solution is becoming a trend in cell phone launches: wireless charging support.

More and more smartphones rely on induction charging (Qi) technology. Thus, through the magnetic contact, you can recharge your cell phone without getting caught up in cables and wires. Interesting, right?

So if you are looking for a wireless charger for your cell phone? Check out some models in the next lines!

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Wireless Desktop Chargers

These are the most popular types. On these models, you get a magnetic wireless charging cradle. So, just by touching your cell phone on it you can recharge it with ease.

If you have a Samsung cell phone, the Samsung Wireless Charger is worth checking out. It is also compatible with other smartphones that use Qi technology.

Wireless Charging Support

Now, if you need to charge more devices, you might want a wireless charging stand. They are a great choice to stay on your nightstand.

So at bedtime, for example, you can leave your compatible cell phone, bluetooth headphones and smart watches (smartwatch) charging together. Pretty cool, right? It’s worth checking out the Fast Charge model.

Wireless charging mousepad

Ah! And did you know that there are even Mousepad models that come with wireless chargers? If you work from home, using your cell phone a lot, this model can be interesting. That way, just leave your cell phone charging right next to your computer.

If you’re looking for a more discreet option for work, it’s worth checking out Easy Mobile’s models. Now, if you want to rock the setup gamer with led lights, it’s worth knowing the Red Dragon model.

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