Delayed! General Motors Announces Chevrolet Bolt Recall in Brazil

After making a global recall announcement for the Chevrolet Bolt, General Motors do Brasil also prompted customers of its electric car for the same procedure. But, unlike what is happening abroad, the automaker will initially make some repairs to the batteries before replacing them, as there is concern about the reliability of cells manufactured by LG.

It is worth remembering that the reason for the recall is the chronic defects in the anode flap and in the separator, which can deteriorate and cause fires. “In cases where the vehicle, during charging, has the battery charged at full capacity or very close to full capacity, non-compliance may generate a risk of fire, with the possibility of material damage, serious physical injury or even fatality”, GM said in a statement.



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According to General Motors do Brasil, the following versions of the Bolt will be called:

Chassis No.: L4100194 to L4125710 Starting and ending date of manufacture: 14/Jun/2019 to 20/Jun/2020

As usual in recall procedures, the service is completely free. Estimated repair time, according to GM, is 30 minutes. To schedule, just go to the company’s official website.

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