Instagram crashed? Network is unstable around the world this Thursday (2)

Instagram presents instability for users this Thursday (2). Reports of feed post loading problems and other platform content began to spread on neighboring social networks and the DownDetector website.

If your Instagram has been weird since early in the morning, know it’s not your internet. An unknown problem seems to interfere with the browsing of users around the world, including Brazilians, since 7:40 am. An hour later, the defect appears to have not been fixed.

Peak of complaints on Downdetector deduces that there is a connection problem on Instagram (Image: Playback/Downdetector)

On Twitter, those affected by the instability shared their experiences and, of course, they didn’t miss the opportunity to make fun of this almost natural habit, which is to go to the neighboring social network to publicize the problem or ask other people: “did it really fall?”

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Instagram went down; when #instagram went down; we came to Twitter to make sure it went down and Instagram actually went down

— João Paulo Melo B (@joaopaulomelob) September 2, 2021

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