Taliban statement from German Chancellor Merkel: We must try to negotiate

“There is a stagnation in the solution process of the DONBAS ISSUE”

Referring to the Donbas issue in eastern Ukraine, Merkel stated that there was a “stagnation” in the resolution process of this issue.

Expressing that they have taken steps to intensify the work on the issue within the scope of the Normandy Format (Ukraine, Russia, Germany and France), Merkel said, “We will take initiatives to make progress on this issue so that the Ukrainian people can live in peace.” said.

Merkel stressed that the Minsk Agreements on the Donbas issue should be implemented.

Pointing out that Crimea was annexed illegally by Russia, Merkel emphasized that they support Ukraine’s territorial integrity.


Recalling that the Libyan Conference on the Libyan issue was held in Berlin, the capital of Germany, last year, Merkel said:

“The conclusions of the Libyan Conference must be implemented, the foreign mercenaries must be driven out of Libya, and the Libyans must be allowed to freely implement their plans for the future of the country.”

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