ansu fati messi jersy number 10: barcelona young stars ansu fati to wear number 10 jersey of lionel messi: 18 year old young footballer will wear Messi’s jersey, Barcelona did not retire number-10

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One chapter came to an end with the separation of Lionel Messi from Barcelona. The Argentine star player, who made his debut for Barcelona at the age of 18, recently joined French club Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).

The 34-year-old striker, who won a record six Ballon d’Or awards, has left a legacy behind. His number 10 jersey is also one of these. For a long time, everyone wanted to know who would get this jersey of Messi. The curtain has been lifted from the question.

Ansu Fati will wear Messi jersey
The number 10 jersey of the legendary Messi will be worn by a young player Ansu Fati. There was also talk that Barcelona would retire this number forever. But it didn’t happen. It is nothing less than an honor for 18 year old Ansu Fati. The fastest and talented player of his era, Ansu Fati, scored four goals in seven matches of the La Liga 2020-21 season.

He has one goal to his name in three matches of the UEFA Champions League. Ansu Fati is considered the next star of Barcelona. He was ruled out due to a knee injury in most of the matches last season. The young star, who did not play football for almost nine months due to injury, is now busy preparing for his comeback.

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