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In the cricket world, the news of the relationship between Team India coach Ravi Shastri and former captain and current BCCI chairman Sourav Ganguly remains in the headlines many times. Ravi Shastri could not become the coach of the team in the year 2016. Its strings went and connected with Saurabh Ganguly.

After this, Shastri did not congratulate Ganguly on the successful conduct of IPL and this too was seen to be linked to the sourness of their relationship. Both the players never miss any chance to hit each other. In an interview to Times Now, glimpses of estrangement between Team India coach Ravi Shastri and Saurabh have once again been indirectly seen.

If anyone comes late then the bus will not stop
The question was asked to Ravi Shastri that once you wrote that Sourav Ganguly was late, so you did not allow him to board the team bus. When Ganguly was asked about this, he had said that one should not interview Ravi Shastri early in the morning. Was there some tussle between you and Sourav Ganguly? On this Ravi Shastri said that if someone comes late, the bus will not stop for him, whatever it may be. This is what happened with Saurabh that day.

When Shastri accused Ganguly
In the year 2016, when the Cricket Advisory Committee appointed Anil Kumble as the coach of the Indian team. At that time, the bitterness of the relationship between the two also came to the fore. Apart from Ganguly, VVS Laxman and Sachin Tendulkar were included in this committee. Shastri had accused Sourav Ganguly after not being able to become the coach. In response, Ganguly said that no one member can decide this.

No congratulations to Ganguly for the successful conduct of IPL
Team India coach Ravi Shastri had tweeted congratulating BCCI for the successful IPL in November last year. The special thing was that in Ravi Shastri’s tweet, BCCI was congratulating but he did not write Saurabh Ganguly’s name in it. Mumbai Indians defeated Delhi Capitals to capture the trophy for the fifth time in the final of the 13th edition of IPL.
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