How to Sync Google Calendar Events to Slack

Slack (Android | iOS | Web) is one of the most used apps in the corporate environment, especially with the pandemic, being a platform that facilitates communication between employees of the same company and even between other companies.

Furthermore, it can be integrated into your Google Calendar through a plugin, which helps users to remember meetings and update their status automatically. Find out how to configure in our tutorial below.

How to Sync Google Calendar Events to Slack

Step 1: Access the page of applications to be used in Slack and press the button “Login to install”, referring to Google Calendar.

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Go to Slack’s plug-in store and select Google Calendar Calendar (Image: Guadalupe Carniel/Screenshot)

Step 2: Enter your workspace in Slack and press “Continue”.

Access your workspace to connect platforms (Image: Guadalupe Carniel/Screenshot)

Step 3: Click “Add to Slack” and login to proceed.

Press the button to add Google Calendar to Slack (Image: Guadalupe Carniel/Screenshot)

Step 4: See the list of tasks that Google Calendar can perform in your workspace and, if you agree, press the “Allow” button.

Allow the application to perform actions in your workspace (Image: Guadalupe Carniel/Screenshot)

Step 5: You will need to login to your Google Calendar account; do so and click “Allow” again.

Allow apps to connect (Image: Guadalupe Carniel/Screenshot)

Step 6: You will be redirected to your Slack chat, where a conversation with the Google Calendar bot will appear. Press “Turn on” so that your status on the platform is updated according to the events in your schedule.

Allow Google Calendar to sync to your Slack (Image: Guadalupe Carniel/Screenshot)

Ready! Now you know how to sync your Google Calendar meetings to Slack so you don’t miss any events and notify all your contacts on the platform.

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