5 pirate themed games for mobile

With a great campaign throughout history the number of pirates has dwindled a lot over the years, but it has never lost its relevance in pop culture. Pirates of the Caribbean is probably the first image that comes to mind when we think about it. Electronic games keep the spirit, real or not, of a period of great sailing and singing on deck.

Sea of ​​Thieves is currently the biggest name, and Fortnite dedicated an entire season to the universe, showing that big names use the theme in their productions. It’s also possible to find mobile titles that take players to seas, sharing a bottle of rum and participating in good adventures at the touch of a finger.

Braveland Pirates

Compatibility: Android, iOS Price: R$ 21.99 for Android and 16.90 for iOS Size: about 450 MB for Android and 560 MB for iOS (version 1.2 for Android and 1.1 for iOS)

Led by Captain Jim, a group of pirates embark on an adventure in search of the Eternal Treasure. This is the premise of the Tortuga Team title, which delivers the last chapter of the Braveland trilogy, with stories that are not connected, through a turn-based combat that requires strategic thinking to emerge victorious.

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After a disastrous storm, accompanied by supernatural apparitions, the player begins his adventure on an island in the middle of nowhere, needing to meet the ship’s partners, improve his equipment to return to the seas, but as they can be treacherous, the game works with random encounters while in the water to give the player an extra challenge

With a combat system that effectively communicates the consequences of actions and a whimsically designed universe, Braveland Pirates stands out for its simple to understand and progressively more difficult mechanics, in addition to the huge amount of enemies, making this adventure of more than seven hours something involving.

Take part in this turn-based combat adventure in search of the Eternal Treasure (Image: Rodrigo Folter/Screenshot)

Tempest: Pirate Action

Compatibility: Android, iOS Price: R$34.99 for Android and R$44.90 for iOS (internal purchases optional) Size: about 360MB for Android and 440MB for iOS (version 1.4)

Aboard Henrietta is where our adventure in Tempest begins, but after a brief battle with another ship a terrifying creature from the deep sinks its ship and the player embarks on a journey into an open-world board game style combat and combat in an environment 3D with excellent lighting and texture work, bringing the virtual world to life.

The story has more than one hundred missions to be carried out around the universe and a lot of customization to give the player freedom of how to build their ship, upgrade and equip it with more powerful weapons and take it to the seas to find treasures, fight against other pirates and also against sea creatures that seem to come out of a nightmare.

It is even possible to invite a friend to play in two people, competing with each other, or forming a piracy fleet to enjoy adventures on the high seas together. Besides the base title you can find a DLC where you can build a city if the seas are not enough for you.

Navigate the open world of Tempest, a game that puts you as captain of a pirate ship (Image: Rodrigo Folter/Screenshot)

Mutiny: Pirate Survival

Compatibility: Android, iOS Price: Free (internal purchases optional) Size: about 340 MB for Android and 490 MB for iOS (version 0.19)

Helio Games, founded in 2018, specializes in the survival genre and launches another title of the style, now leaving the barren and lawless lands of the Wild West and heading to the Caribbean with Mutiny, a PvP title that puts you in control of a crew and need to gather resources to survive and strengthen.

After a riot, the player begins the journey on a desert island without many objects to use, only a few sailors loyal to their leadership and the need to explore nature to survive. As he progresses, the player fights the hostile world and builds his fort to protect his loot as well as his men.

This is another open world pirate title where you pit multiple players against each other, but you can also form alliances and work together to increase your chance of survival. But if you have a more conquering style, it is possible to attack innocent neighbors and loot their treasures, leaving them to chance.

Fight against nature and build a fort for yourself and your loyal sailors (Image: Rodrigo Folter/Screenshot)

Plunder Pirates

Compatibility: Android, iOS Price: Free (internal purchases optional) Size: about 240MB for Android and 200MB for iOS (version 3.8)

Plunder Pirates is an award winning tower defense game from Midoki that puts the player as a Captain without a boat, just a small settlement in the middle of the sea, and your role is to increase the size of this new location using real-time strategy. It is also necessary to rebuild your ship to resume the life of plunder.

It is necessary to know how to balance attack and defense to be successful in this title. As he unlocks new buildings the player can recruit sailors, divided into several classes with unique abilities to help in invasions against other players’ kingdoms. This all in a breathtaking cartoon 3D environment.

This title is one of those hidden gems within the sea of ​​options on Google and Apple platforms, but because of its look, variety of characters and various collectibles that can be obtained, it is a title worth knowing.

Expand your settlement and explore the seas to pillage enemy cities in this tower defense pirate game (Image: Rodrigo Folter/Screenshot)

The Pirate: Plague of the Dead

Compatibility: Android, iOS Price: Free (internal purchases optional) Size: about 110MB for Android and 130MB for iOS (version 2.8)

Going back to the 18th century Caribbean, a time when the region was dominated by pirates, and after an attack by the Spanish navy, using black magic, Nassau the player takes command of one of the last pirate ships, only now he will be able to use the weapon they used against you to turn the tables and try to retake the caribbean.

Mixing different styles, such as exploration and management, the game offers several options on how to expand your fleet, whether or not it’s worth engaging in combat and, of course, doing what attracts pirates the most: finding treasure. The game offers this diversity in a 3D environment with no loading screen and day and night cycle.

By blending historical facts with supernatural issues, Plague of the Dead stands out and presents the player with an exciting story of reconquest while making it possible to collect legendary pirates and unique ships to complete the experience.

Travel the Caribbean in the 18th century and take part in a thought-provoking supernatural story (Image: Rodrigo Folter/Screenshot)

Which mobile pirate game is your favorite? Tell us!

Source: Hero Craft, Helio Games

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