Company creates telemedicine booth for public spaces starting at R$68

The medical coworking franchise Buratto Consultórios recently launched a new derivative product called Buratto Tele, which in practice is a telemedicine booth for those who do not have a computer connected to a webcam and microphone at home. According to the website Pequenas Empresas Grandes Negócios, the first unit was inaugurated in a pharmacy in downtown Mauá, in Greater São Paulo.

Consultations with a general practitioner in the cabin cost R$69.80, but it is possible to schedule appointments with specialists and pay with debit and credit cards. The consultation is only released after payment confirmation. The approximately 250 doctors who work at the seven units of Buratto Consultórios, in addition to others recruited through partnerships with medical human resources companies, will be able to provide their services through the platform.

The company’s idea is to install the booth in easily accessible places, such as shopping centers, supermarkets and pharmacies. The company told the site that it has invested around R$500,000 in the new business, including the production of the cabin, the partnership with a healthtech to develop the platform — which works through a tablet — and sanitization solutions to disinfect the environment. after each use.

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Cássia Buratto, the brand’s CEO, said the inspiration came from US pharmaceutical retailers and chains, such as Walgreens, CVS and Walmart, which began to invest more in low-cost healthcare. The biggest example comes from the latter, which launched Walmart Health, a type of network of medical centers with consultations and laboratory tests. The prices applied do not depend on the clients’ insurance status.

The production of a Buratto Tele unit costs from R$45,000, an amount that includes the franchise fee and the necessary equipment. The franchised investor’s task is to manage the point and provide staff outside the booth to help patients.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, telemedicine was first approved in Brazil on a temporary basis, by the Ministry of Health, in March 2020. Then it was made official by Law 13,989, in April of the same year.

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