Samsung displays speaker with flexible OLED screen in event

Samsung drew attention at IMID 2021, an exhibition focused on innovations in the display market. In addition to displaying a prototype of its folding-screen notebook and also a new cell phone with a three-segment-folded screen, the brand unveiled a prototype smart speaker with a flexible OLED screen, and showed that it intends to expand its folding-panel market in addition to smartphones.

In the images, the product has a cylindrical base covered by the screen, and the user can choose which position the display will be in via the smartphone app — in the exhibition, the screen opens up to a size of 12.4 inches, simulating a video call with a doctor, with information on human anatomy.

When closed — in a “stand-by” mode — the screen can show data such as time and date, as well as temperature and other weather information. It is possible to imagine that other functions can be made available, such as different wallpapers, integrations with voice assistant and song lyrics at times of playback on Spotify or other streaming platforms, for example.

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In open mode, the 12.4 screen is capable of showing extra information that is related to the listened content (Image: YouTube/OLED-Info)

The product is just a prototype, but if the launch of a similar device is confirmed, it would be Samsung’s alternative in the market for smart speakers with a screen, to compete with Google Nest Hub or the Amazon Echo Show.

Unfortunately, none of the devices presented at the event could be handled by the public, and as they are prototypes, they do not yet have a scheduled release date and availability for sales. Internal specifications are also not known.

The video showing the device can be seen below:

Source: YouTube/Oled-Info

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