What the USA feared happened! Taliban seize weapons worth millions of dollars

With the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan, millions of dollars of military equipment allocated for the Afghan army passed to the Taliban. With the latest images from the region, it was revealed that the organization managed to use state-of-the-art helicopters.

Entry Date: 31.08.2021 12:18 Update Date: 31.08.2021 12:18


The USA, which went to Afghanistan 20 years ago, withdrew its last soldier from Kabul yesterday. Despite spending $83 billion on 20 years of education at the end of an era in the country, Afghan forces left the capital Kabul to the Taliban without firing a single bullet.

GALLERY CONTINUES The US press continues to carry the latest technology US weapons, which fell into the hands of the Taliban with the withdrawal of Afghan forces.

The latest images from the region revealed that the biggest fear of the US public is real. In the images published on social media, it is seen that the Taliban patrol Kandahar with helicopters of the US-made UH-60 Black Hawk.

The images in question were shared on Twitter by an account called ‘Talib Times’, which claims to be the official news source of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

It was known that these helicopters fell into the hands of the Taliban. However, many military experts felt that the Taliban did not have the manpower to operate these helicopters. This thesis has been refuted with the latest images.

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