vinod kumar bronze result: Discus thrower Vinod loses Paralympics bronze, declared ineligible in classification reassessment; Vinod Loses Paralympics Bronze

India’s discus thrower Vinod Kumar on Monday lost the bronze medal in the Paralympics men’s F52 event after being found ‘ineligible’ in the classification inspection of vicar by the tournament’s panel. BSF jawan Vinod Kumar, 41, on Sunday set an Asian record with a best throw of 19.91m to finish third behind Poland’s Piotr Kosewicz (20.02m) and Croatia’s Velimir Sandor (19.98m).

A competitor, however, challenged this result. “The panel found that the NPC (National Paralympic Committee) could not allot ‘Sport Class’ to Indian athlete Vinod Kumar and the player was marked ‘Not Completed Classification’ (CNC),” the organizers said in a statement. According to it, ‘the athlete is therefore ineligible for the men’s F52 discus throw event and his result in the event is invalid.’

The F52 event involves athletes who have weak muscle mass and limited movement, hand deformities, or leg length differences, which allow athletes to compete in a sitting position. Para players are placed in classes based on their disorder. The classification system allows players who have the same disorder to compete.

The organizers had classified Vinod on 22nd August. Vinod Kumar’s father fought in the 1971 Indo-Pak war. While training after joining the Border Security Force (BSF), he fell from a peak in Leh, injuring his leg. Due to this he was bedridden for almost a decade and during this time both his parents died.

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