Nvidia Completes Purchase of DeepMap to Improve Autonomous Car Software

Nvidia continues to invest in its automotive division and finally announced the purchase of DeepMap, a company specializing in the development of navigation maps. The intention of the deal had been known for two months and had to undergo analysis by regulatory agencies to close it. With this, the graphics card giant can now improve its autonomous driving systems and advance in this promising market.

DeepMap has in its portfolio very advanced services, but the main product is its maps with high precision. According to Nvidia, the technology provided by the company has assertiveness in parameters measured with a few meters and even centimeters, making the GPS devices equipped with these maps extremely accurate. These predicates are of fundamental importance for the development of autonomous driving programs.

“DeepMap is expected to extend our mapping products and help us scale map operations around the world, as well as expand our full autonomous driving experience. We are thrilled to welcome the Nvidia team. a proven track record and are enterprising, agile and engineering-focused. DeepMap addresses a deep need in the industry, and together we will develop and extend these capabilities,” said Ali Kani, vice president and general manager, Automotive, Nvidia, in communicated.

Volvo has partnerships with Nvidia for autonomous driving (Image: Felipe Ribeiro/ Canaltech)

Also according to Nvidia, DeepMap will be able to incorporate new features and services for its partners, whether new or existing, investing more resources in their projects already in progress. The idea is that the entire DeepMap apparatus will be integrated into Nvidia Drive in the near future.

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The business figures are still unknown.

Source: Neowin

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