What is an SUV car?

The automotive market is very varied and we can choose from many options to meet our needs and desires. But perhaps no other type of vehicle is as hot today as SUVs, SUVs. In Brazil they are already the segment that sells the most cars, surpassing the ever-leading compact hatches (Onix, HB20, Argo), even though they cost much more in terms of price and maintenance.

But what is an SUV car?

The acronym SUV stands for Sport Utility Vehicle, or simply sport utility vehicle. This “sport” can be used in some models for performance or design, but the truth is that SUVs are cars that historically were designed for brute strength and off road situations, quite different from what happens today, for example, when we see the malls around the world full of them.

Generally, SUVs are big cars with good ground clearance, which helps maneuver in difficult terrain, such as trails, for example — or the bumpy streets of your city. In addition, its more favorable internal space serves larger families, who need more comfort for everyday activities. Some larger models even have a good trunk.

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Examples of SUVs in the Brazilian market are models such as the Jeep Renegade, Volkswagen Nivus, Nissan Kicks, Ford Territory, Toyota RAV4, Chevrolet Tracker and many others, each with its own characteristics and advantages and disadvantages over competitors. There is also what we call “SUV Root”, which are nothing more than models with 4×4 traction and, in some cases, with diesel engines.

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