The 4 best RSS readers to use on mobile

The RSS feed is used to bring chronological updates of new content on a website, blog or portal. This pattern is widely used on the internet for those who want to receive news without manually searching their favorite sites, and can be accessed within the reach of their cell phone.

Many news aggregator apps already do the work of compiling updates from major sites. This way, you can simply follow a portal or a specific theme, like on a social network, to receive the contents in chronological order. There is also the possibility of inserting an RSS feed manually if you are looking for something very specific. Check out the best RSS aggregators and readers for Android and iOS below!

1. Feedly

Compatibility: Android, iOS Price: free installation with paid options (from R$31.99 per month)

Feedly is a very versatile option for aggregating news and creating lists of interest. The platform makes searching by themes available, with recommended suggestions, but it also allows you to select specific sites and add the address of your own RSS feed for display on the timeline.

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Create your lists with favorite themes (Image: André Magalhães/Screenshot)

It is possible to make new articles available in two ways: by high themes or by chronological order. The app has its own reader, which removes images and other possible visual distractions on websites. You can create a reading list, save stories as favorites, and share your list with others.

The free version of Feedly allows you to create up to three different lists, with up to 100 different sources in each one. With Feedly Pro, the limit is extended to a thousand sources and other additional features are made available, such as the insertion of social media profiles and the possibility of annotating articles.

2. Flipboard

Flipboard is one of the leading news aggregators available for Android and iOS. The platform brings personalized suggestions according to your favorite subjects and uses a digital magazine format to bring the most relevant articles for your day.

Create a digital magazine with your favorite fonts (Image: André Magalhães/Screenshot)

In addition to the division by themes, the app allows users to create their own magazines with freedom of choice for fonts and themes. If you have the address of an RSS feed, just enter it in the app’s search, find it in the “Social” tab, and add it to your magazine.

To view articles and news, Flipboard offers two options: common page loading or using a read-aware mode with few visual elements. You can add comments to stories, mark them as favorites, and create a reading list. On Android, there are widgets for the home screen.

3. Inoreader

Compatibility: Android, iOS Price: free installation with paid option (BRL 384.99 per year)

Inoreader stands out for its customization possibilities. Through the app, you can follow your websites, keywords, social media profiles and favorite subjects, as well as manually entering the address of another RSS feed. The app’s search engine separates sites into several category lists, segmenting the search to portals that meet your interest.

Use the app to follow favorite websites (Image: André Magalhães/Screenshot)

There are three main ways to change the feed view: with cards, a list with titles only, and a list with images and summary. In each story, there is an icon to mark the content as read, space for comments and the possibility to include articles in your Inoreader library. The profile can be accessed across different devices and has real-time synchronization.

The free version of Inoreader allows you to subscribe to up to 100 different fonts. With the Pro plan, offered for R$384.99 per year, subscriptions are unlimited and it is possible to create filters to automate results.

4. Google News

Google already had its own RSS reader: called Google Reader, it was very successful between the end of the 2000s and the beginning of the 2010s, until its closure in 2013. Even though it was missed by the community, the company never came back with the platform, however, has its own aggregator with Google News.

Follow favorite sites, places and subjects (Image: André Magalhães/Screenshot)

Google News offers suggestions based on your search preferences, but it also allows you to follow your favorite sources, topics and search terms. Unlike the other options in this list, it is not possible to insert the address of an RSS feed into the app, but the platform still brings the contents in chronological order on its saved sites.

The app also has an area called “Banking”, with content created by partner portals on the platform. You can save articles to read later, hide unwanted sites and topics, and search for news by location.

What is your favorite tool for reading RSS feeds? Comment!

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