Disney+ Releases in September 2021

The month of September will be marked by the debut of Star+, Disney’s newest streaming service, which arrives in Brazil on August 31st. With so much unmissable content from Hulu, ABC, NBC and FOX, it was expected that the September Disney+ release list would be a little more timid. However, no matter how lean, there are new series, new films and unmissable documentaries that deserve to be highlighted among the news.

Starting on September 1st, fans will be able to catch up on one of Pixar’s most charismatic animals, Dug, from the movie Up – High Adventures. In a collection of short films titled The Life of Dug, you can follow the fun adventures of this adorable dog who won hearts alongside Carl Fredricksen and Russell in 2009.

Speaking of series, there’s news for anyone who is a fan of medical plots: the original Disney+ Doogie Kamealoha: Early Doctor arrives streaming in the second week of September and promises to be your new favorite series. The series follows the young Doogie, a 16-year-old teenage prodigy, who will balance the beginning of her medical career with the daily challenges of adolescence. Also in the series, the streaming service’s catalog also hosts the two seasons of Disney XD’s success, Zeke and Luther, which follows the two best skater friends in fun adventures.

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Star Wars fans can prepare for the release of Visions, an exclusive Lucasfilm series for Disney+ with a Japanese anime aesthetic with must-see anthological shorts. Still talking about cinematic universes, get ready for the release of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings with a special Marvel LEGENDS episode about the film, also in early September.

Among the films is the highly anticipated Happier than Ever, a unique experience presented by none other than Billie Eilish at the Los Angeles Symphony Orchestra. The long musical, as the title indicates, is a love letter to the Californian city signed with great affection by the Grammy-winning singer.

There are also new episodes from the original streaming series such as Monsters at Work, Tico and Teco: Life in the Park and Turner & Hooch, as well as must-see documentaries such as Tudo Begins with an Idea, Wild Argentina, Flooded Tombs of the Nile and Secrets of the Bottom of the Sea.

Check out the main news that Canaltech has highlighted so you stay tuned and, right after, the complete list of Disney+ releases in September 2021. Have fun!

Dug’s Life (09/01)

Dug’s Life, by Pixar Animation Studios, is a series of short films that recount the fun adventures of Dug, the adorable puppy from Disney and Pixar’s Up. Each short shows everyday events that take place in Dug’s garden, all through the playful (and quickly distorted) eyes of our favorite talking dog. Written and directed by Academy Award nominee and Emmy winner Bob Peterson.

Happier Than Ever: A Love Letter to Los Angeles (09/03)

One of the biggest phenomenons in music today is getting ready to release his exclusive feature film on Disney+. “I’ve never done anything like this,” reveals Billie Eilish in Happier Than Ever’s teaser: A Love Letter to Los Angeles – an experience with the Grammy-winning singer-songwriter alongside Gustavo Dudamel, both accompanied by the Los Angeles Symphony Orchestra .

Doogie Kamealoha: Early Doctor (09/08)

In Doctor Precoce, 16-year-old prodigy, Dr. Lahela “Doogie” Kamealoha balances the beginning of her medical career with the daily challenges of adolescence. At the hospital, Lahela’s genius confounds patients and colleagues, who nicknamed her “Doogie” after the 1990s television series Like Father, Like Son. At home, her loving father, Benny, and her career-focused mother, Clara – Director of Medicine and Lahela – fear their daughter is growing up too fast. Lahela struggles to operate and balance in two different worlds.

Star Wars Visions (22/09)

Did you think 2021 would no longer have exclusive Star Wars content? Discover Star Wars: Visions, an anthology series of short films from Lucasfilm that tells new stories from this cinematic universe so loved by fans through a unique and traditional style of Japanese anime.

Zeke and Luther (9/22)

It took time, but it’s here: Disney XD pay channel hit, Zeke and Luther follow two teenage friends who are inseparable and determined to become world famous skateboarders. Although the goal is far from being achieved, the boys have big dreams and nothing will stop them. The two seasons of the series arrive at the end of the month, ready to be marathoned.

Complete list of Disney+ releases as of September 2021


Campgrounds: Season 4 Dug’s Life: Season 1 Monsters at Work: Episode 9 Turner and Hooch: Episode 7 Tico and Teco: Park Life: Episode 6 What If…?: Episode 4 Wild Argentina: Season 1 MARVEL LEGENDS : Episode 13: The Ten Rings


Happier Than Ever: A Love Letter to Los Angeles The Adventures of André and Wally B Tin Toy


Doogie Kamealoha: Early Doctor: Episode 1 Monsters at Work: Episode 10 Turner and Hooch: Episode 8 Tico and Teco: Life in the Park: Episode 7 What If…?: Episode 5


SparkShort: Twentysomething


Amor Mio: Seasons 1 to 4 Yukon: Veterinary Duty: Season 7 Monsters at Work: Episode 11 Turner and Hooch: Episode 9 Doogie Kamealoha: Early Doctor: Episode 2 Tico and Teco: Life in the Park: Episode 8 What If…? : Episode 6


Mio Fratello Rincorre I Dinosauri Marley and I SparkShort: Nona La ola sin fronteras Red Nile Flooded Tombs Dream Disney’s Broadway Hits at London’s Royal Albert Hall


Heirs of the Night: Season 1 Star Wars Visions: Episode 1 Spidey and his amazing friends: Season 1 Marvel’s Spider-Man: Maximum Venom: Season 1 Gigantosaurus: Season 1 Zeke and Luther: Seasons 1-3 Secrets of the Deep: Seasons 1 and 2 Doogie Kamealoha: Early Doctor: Episode 3 Monsters at Work: Episode 12 Turner and Hooch: Episode 10 Tico and Teco: Life in the Park: Episode 9 What If…?: Episode 7


Amazon Eternal Spark Story: Everything Starts with an Idea Robots


Star Wars Visions: Episode 2 Monsters at Work: Episode 13 Turner and Hooch: Episode 11 Tico and Teco: Life in the Park: Episode 10 What If…?: Episode 8 Doogie Kamealoha: Early Doctor: Episode 4 Mafalda: Shorts collection Miraculous: Ladybug’s Adventures: Season 2 Zorro: Seasons 1 and 2 Nat Geo Lab: Season 2

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