How to Evolve Stronger Pokémon in Pokémon GO

With over 600 million downloads, Pokémon GO (Android | iOS) is a hit that continues to win new fans around the world. Anyone who follows me around here, knows that I’ve done some stories about Pokémon GO, right? After all, I love training and seeing my Pokemons evolve. But, today I came to give a tip to all the new trainers!

Did you know that when you evolve your Pokemons, you can evaluate and see what their best natures are? Is that all Pokémon have strengths, they are known as IVs (Individual Values, in Portuguese). These IVs make a lot of difference when it comes to evolving your Pokemons. So, today I’m going to explain to you how they work! Just take a look at this article.

How IVs work in Pokémon GO

All Pokémon have individual and unique values ​​that can be of these three natures: “Attack”, “Defense” and “PS” (Health Points). So, these values ​​define if that Pokémon is better at attacking, or if it’s more resistant.

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Also, the points of these values ​​are represented by stars. They can be between 0 and 4 stars. The fourth star is actually represented when your Pokémon has all stats to the maximum. This is the best combination of IVs.

So, the more stars your Pokemon has, the stronger it will naturally be. Ah! And all trainers can evaluate their Pokémon to find out which one would be better to evolve. I will teach you how to do it!

How to Evolve Stronger Pokémon in Pokémon GO

Step 1: When you are viewing details of a Pokemon, just tap on the “Menu” icon to access more options;

Step 2: Once that’s done, tap on “Assess”;

Step 3: So on this page, you can find your Pokemon’s IVs;

Step 4: ah! And look at this tip: you can also drag to the side and see the values ​​of your other Pokemons;

Step 5: Finally, this is a feature of Pokémon that continues even after they are evolved.

Pretty cool, right? This way, you can evolve stronger Pokemons. Did you like this tip? Share this story with your friends!

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